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Early Intervention Conference: Handouts

Locate the session below to access the appropriate documents.


Keynote Address and Session 1.1 Integration Through Consultation in Service Provision, Robin McWilliam, Ph.D.


1.2 Fostering the Development of Infants and Toddlers Born Prematurely: Understanding Medical Complications Associated with Prematurity and the Potential Impact on Development, Brenda Hussey-Gardner, Ph.D.


1.3 The Early Intervention Curriculum: Family-Focused Intervention Strategies, Activities, and Routines, Gerald Mahoney, Ph.D.


1.4 Evidence-based Practices in Service Coordination, Joicey Hurth, PhD.


2.1 Natural Environment Intervention for Young Children with Autism, Debra Leach, Ph.D.


2.2 Fostering the Development of Infants and Toddlers Born Prematurely -Important Ways That Early Interventionists Can Make a Difference, Brenda Hussey-Gardner, Ph.D.


2.3 The Critical Role of Practice for Repetition in the Early Intervention Curriculum, Gerald Mahoney, Ph.D.


2.4 Using the Child Outcomes Summary Form (COSF) to Measure Child Outcome, Robin Rooney, Ph.D. &
Christina Kasprzak, M.A.


3.1 Strategies to Enhance Social Reciprocity of Young Children with Autism, Debra Leach, Ph.D.


3.2 Physical Therapy for Preemies: Involving Families and Other Team Members, *Ann Barton, P.T., M.S., PCS & Suzanne English, Service Coordinator and Special Instructor


3.3 Home Visiting - Early Intervention Principles, Bonnie Keilty, Ph.D.


3.4 Service Coordination in the Early Head Start Environment, Jeri Ross-Hayes, M.S.W. & Anna Green, B.A.


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