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South Carolina is excited to introduce our new data system- BRIDGES= BabyNet, Reporting and Intervention Data Gathering Electronic System.  This database will hold all information concerning children and families receiving BabyNet services.  BRIDGES will hold the primary record for all children receiving BabyNet services and be the primary data collection source for all required federal and state reporting for the BabyNet program. 

BRIDGES allows access for all IFSP team members and benefits everyone by:

  • allowing access to the electronic child record 24 hours 7 days a week
  • providing all IFSP team members access to the system
  • storing service and communication notes within the electronic child’s record
  • allowing tracking of provider services and billing activities ease of transferring files from one SPOE/Region to another

This webpage will be the central portal for all BRIDGES related information for users and other interested persons. 








Training Requirements
All personnel serving BabyNet eligible children must complete a BRIDGES Enrollment form, BRIDGES 101 and BRIDGES 102 in order to receive a BRIDGES logon.  Service Coordinators and Service Providers must have an active TECSBOOK account to complete the following modules.     

BRIDGES 101:  Provides introduction to the BRIDGES system and prepares users for additional demonstration trainings and technical assistance.

BRIDGES 102: (Service Coordinators):  Provides expanded user role instruction, demonstration and technical assistance of BRIDGES.  Training prerequisite is BRIDGES 101.

BRIDGES 102: (Service Providers):  Provides expanded user role instruction, demonstration and technical assistance of BRIDGES.  Training prerequisite is BRIDGES 101.

Technical Assistance Resources

2015 BRIDGES User Evaluation Results -User evaluation overview from BRIDGES user evaluation that was sent out for two week period in March-April.

Agency Administrator Logon Key Features - The type of access in BRIDGES that is available to Agency Administrators to include viewing employees and profiles, updating profile information, updating insurance companies, viewing employee member caseloads, viewing Agency Invoice Reports & Accounts Payable Screen.

Assistive Technology Tip Sheet - Description of an assistive technology device and how to add to a child’s IFSP in BRIDGES with the steps included.

Authorizing Interpretation and Translation Services - Explanation of how to authorize interpretive and translation services and how to add to planned services.

BRIDGES Access Request Process - Explanation of the process of receiving a user login and password for BRIDGES.  The process includes what a new hire should do, what supervisors should do and how to edit/remove BRIDGES access.

BRIDGES Common Questions Tip Sheet - A list of answers to frequently asked questions from BRIDGES users.

Data Clean-up Administrative Change Review Tip Sheet - A table created to help service coordinators know how and when to use an administrative change review to clean-up planned services.

Documenting Continuing Part C Eligibility in BRIDGES - The steps that should be followed to document in BRIDGES eligibility redetermination and the saved history of previous determinations when evaluations and assessments conducted prior to the child’s Annual IFSP were done to help redetermine Part C eligibility.

ECO Data Collection and BRIDGES - Includes guidelines for inputting ECO entry and exit data using BabyTrac ID# vs. BRIDGES ID#.

Information for Families - An explanation of the data system, BRIDGES, and how it applies to families.

Initial IFSP Service Coordination Tip Sheet - Document providing guidance on assigning intake an ongoing service coordination in the BRIDGES system to include responsibilities of SPOE Intake, SPOE Steps to Transferring from Initial Service Coordination to Ongoing Service Coordination in BRIDGES, and Steps to Receiving Referrals as Ongoing Service Coordination in BRIDGES.

Provider Availability Tip Sheet - Provides guidance on documenting natural environment vs. non-natural environment providers in BRIDGES.

Provider Matrix Feature - An explanation of the provider matrix, steps to check or update contracted provider employee profiles and a SPOE district map.

Screen by Screen Instruction - Screen-by-screen shots of BRIDGES screens with instructions on when and where to enter items.  Tips of what to document on each screen.

Screen Templates - Blank screen templates of BRIDGES screens.

SPOE District Map - A map of all SPOE districts (Anderson, Spartanburg, York, Richland, Horry, Charleston, Colleton).

Transferring Child Records - Steps on how to transfer child records within the same district as well as between different districts.

Transition/Exit Services Steps - An explanation of what Transition Services are and what steps are taken during the transition process.

Transition Outcomes Guidance - Descriptions of what everyday transitions are and what a formal transition is from BabyNet.

Video - Updating Planned Services - A video, describing in detail, how to clean-up the planned services screen.


BRIDGES Archived TECS Info Messages
BRIDGES Update for BN Contracted Service Providers and Service Coordinators
--BRIDGES Enrollment of BNSPs
--BRIDGES Enrollment of BNSPs Graphic
--BRIDGES Payment Schedule

BRIDGES Go Live Update: BabyNet Service Fund Authorizations

December 9, 2013

imageSubmitting a TECS Helpdesk Request
If you have specific questions or need additional assistance with BRIDGES, please submit a TECS Helpdesk ticket using the following link:  When submitting a ticket be sure to include “BRIDGES” in the subject line; your first and last name with a phone number with your request in the description text box.



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