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The Team for Early Childhood Solutions (TECS) is pleased to announce roll-out of new on-line orientation modules for TECSBOOK 2.0, a state-of-the-art learning management (technology) system, and updated Part C Credential process.

The following are links to tutorials explaining the step-by-step instructions on navigating the TECSBOOK 2.0, and the  credential process, curricula, and renewal process.  Please review these videos and if additional information is needed, see the attached TECSBOOK 2.0 User’s Guide:
NOTE: If you are unable to access the videos below click here.

South Carolina Part C Credential Process

Revised Credential Renewal process document in PDF

*Revised*  South Carolina Part C Credential Process
           Credential Renewal process document PDF

S.C. Part C Credential REVISED Renewal Process
South Carolina’s Early Intervention System

After personnel have completed BabyNet Basics (in TECSBOOK 2.0) and earned the South Carolina Part C Credential, the next step is Credential renewal. BabyNet personnel are required to renew the S.C. Part C Credential every 2 years. Renewal must be completed by August 31, 2013 if your S.C. Part C Credential was earned on or before August 31, 2011.


  • Credential Renewal Requirements

BabyNet personnel must obtain a total of 12 professional development credit hours.

Training Type

Credit Hours

Remaining Hours Needed for 12

Updated BabyNet Basics



TECS Sponsored trainings (online or face-to-face)



Pre-approved Outside trainings




*BabyNet personnel who have completed 3 or more lessons from TECSBOOK 1.0 have earned all of their pre-approved outside credit hours for the Credential renewal. These personnel would only need to complete the updated BabyNet Basics course and the TECS sponsored trainings.

  • TECS Sponsored Trainings and Updated BabyNet Basics

In order to complete some of the TECS Sponsored trainings and Updated BabyNet Basics requirement, personnel will need to log into TECSBOOK 2.0 (http://tecsbook.med.sc.edu). There are 3 sections within TECSBOOK: BabyNet Basics, BabyNet Advanced and BabyNet Electives.

BabyNet Advanced section will contain topic-specific trainings (usually developed or adapted by TECS).

For TECS Sponsored face-to-face trainings, attendees need to sign the attendance roster. We will use the attendance roster to add this training credit to your TECSBOOK account. If you attended but didn’t receive credit, please contact us through the Helpdesk at: http://tecshelpdesk.zendesk.com

BabyNet State Office Trainings

There will be mandatory policy trainings required by BabyNet State Office that will be separate from the BabyNet Credential.

Supervisor/Directors FYI: Any new personnel who need to obtain their initial S.C. Part C Credential will have 90 days to complete BabyNet Basics.

Pre-approved Outside Professional Development Activities

Renewal credit hours can also be earned by completing outside professional development activities. However, these activities must receive pre-approval from TECS to count toward renewal credit hours. In order to obtain pre-approval, personnel need to submit a request (ticket) to the TECS Helpdesk online at: http://tecshelpdesk.zendesk.com . In the request description, personnel need to include a Web link to the professional development activity of interest and explain how it relates to the core competencies.

[The five core competencies are Early Intervention Foundations, Child Development and Learning, Family and Community Relationships and Supports, Evaluation and Assessment and Service Coordination, and Delivery and Implementation.]


*For additional information on the BabyNet requirement for a SC Part C Credential for all personnel, please refer to policy, regulatory, or contract requirements. 

Credential Renewal process document in Text


Step-by-Step Instructions on Navigating TECSBOOK 2.0

Click here for a copy of presentation for print



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