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Supported Community Living Initiative

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The Supported Community Living, an Initiative developed by the Center for Disability Resources and funded by the SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, was designed to provide individuals with developmental disabilities the supports to become active members of their communities. It provides a systematic and comprehensive technical assistance approach that leads individuals, as well as, their circles of support in exploring creative housing opportunities. This program supports the acquisition of leadership and self-determination skills which are vital components to planning and pursuing consumer choice in community outcomes.

The Supported Community Living Initiative adopts the values of the Center for Self-Determination:

  • Freedom
    – To live a meaningful life in the community
  • Authority
    – Over how money for supports is spent
  • Support
    – To organize resources in ways that are life enhancing and meaningful
  • Responsibility
    – For decisions made
    * Taken from the Center for Self-Determination

The staff of the Supported Community Living Initiative is committed to providing resources, training, and technical assistance to further efforts in the area of self-determination and person-centeredness. The experience and knowledge gained by actively listening to the wants and needs of individuals with developmental disabilities have brought success in improving their quality of life.

Through collaboration and research we have compiled a collection of federal, state and community resources to provide easy access for individuals, family members, and professionals.


"Changing the way housing and support services are provided for people with disabilities
through training, technical assistance, and expanding their resources."

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