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What is Supported Community Living?

Supported Community Living is a coordinated system of supports clustering around the individual with disabilities and designed to facilitate the person’s choices to live, work, learn, and actively participate in the community. It is based on the philosophy that people with developmental disabilities have a right to make responsible decisions consistent with the choices afforded to people without disabilities.


What is a Supported Community Living Coordinator?

A Supported Community Living Coordinator is a person who believes in the values and essential practices associated with supported living, and skilled in delivering such practices. A SCLC is skilled in forming and leading a circle of support, and is willing to take creative action on behalf of people with disabilities in order to make their dreams a reality. A SCLC must have knowledge of the community housing opportunities and resources.

How can I become a Supported Community Living Coordinator?

A variety of opportunities training and technical assistance opportunities are available on topics related to PATH facilitation, circle development, housing options, and proposal/budget development. If you are interested in advancing your Supported Community Living skills, please contact Kristi Hartwell.

How can I be a participant of the Supported Community Living Initiative?

In order to participate in the Supported Community Living Program one must want to live in his/her own home. The person’s behavioral, medical, and mental health goals must complement goals that can be self-directed and/or circle-directed. To get started, a referral form must be completed.

What is PATH?

Planning for Alternative Tomorrows with Hope (PATH) is a process of bringing together a team who already know the individual well and has made a commitment to support the person in the future. PATH is ideal for addressing long-term and short-term planning and provides clear timelines for achieving goals and divides those goals into achievable and measurable steps.

What is a circle of support?

A circle of support is a component of most person-centered planning models. It is a group of people that have been selected by the person with a disability to help the person realize a dream or reach a life goal. A circle may include professionals, families, friends, direct care staff, neighbors, and others whom the person believes will best support him/her in achieving outcomes.

What is person-centered planning?

Person-centered planning is an array of models or approaches that provide creative ways of getting to know people, envisioning desirable future opportunities with them, and creating services and supports to help them accomplish these desired opportunities. It is a method of planning for the future that seeks to include the focus person in the planning process as actively as possible.

What is self-determination?

Self-determination is the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that enable a person to identify and set personal priorities and goals and take action to make these goals a reality. A person who is self-determined has the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed choices and decisions.


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