April 2005
The School
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April 2005

NIH Releases New Policy to Speed Access to Research Results

Beginning May 2, 2005, a new National Institutes of Health (NIH) Public Access Policy requests that all NIH-funded investigators submit to PubMed Central (PMC) an electronic version of the author’s final manuscript including all modifications from the peer review process, upon final acceptance for publication. The policy does not apply to letters to the editor, editorials, or other submitted materials.

The NIH sees this policy as a mechanism to help them not only monitor and archive the output of research funded by NIH, but also ensure the availability of research results for the benefit of the public, health care providers, educators, and scientists.

NIH will provide a secure Web site for depositing the manuscripts. Librarians from academic health sciences centers are working with PubMed Central staff to test the submission system with some of their institutions’ investigators, and will develop specific guidelines as soon as the system becomes available.

As an NIH Investigator, choosing to submit the final peer-reviewed manuscript to PMC has several advantages:

  • Fulfill grant progress reporting requirements by substituting deposit for submission of paper copies of articles
  • Support NIH in its effort to preserve and archive research findings
  • Ensure articles are available in PMC to be crossindexed to other federally funded databases, i.e., GenBank
  • Heighten the visibility of the research and enhance the likelihood of early and increased citation

There are questions you may have about the policy and the process, including securing rights from your publisher for early release of your manuscript. This policy does not change the ability of either the author or the publisher to assert copyright. Many publishers already release their content to the public earlier than the 12 months that is recommended in the policy. For more information about the new policy, please see The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) offers an excellent guide to the new policy for NIH-funded researchers on their web site at

Ruth Riley, Director of Library Services

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E-Journal Access Expands!

We are pleased to announce two recent developments that have expanded School of Medicine faculty, staff, and student access to biomedical e-journals. Both developments are result of the School of Medicine Library’s collaborative purchasing with USC University Libraries and other academic libraries in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Wiley and Springer E-Journals

The School of Medicine Library has joined with USC University Libraries and several other academic libraries in South Carolina and North Carolina in the Carolina Consortium to purchase access to over 500 e-journals from two publishers, Wiley and Springer. The consortial deals added access to 213 new electronic journals from Wiley and 424 electronic journals from Springer, 300 of which are biomedical in nature. These titles are now available via TDNet, the Library's e-journal management system. To see a full listing of the titles, visit the Library News area of our web site. Linkages to many of these e-journals from Ovid and PubMed are available.

To fund the School of Medicine Library's participation in the Wiley consortial deal, the Library cancelled the print versions of the following Wiley titles: American Journal of Industrial Medicine, Annals of Neurology, Arthritis & Rheumatism, British Journal of Surgery, Cancer, European Journal of Immunology, International Journal of Cancer, Journal of Pathology, Mental Retardation in Developmental Disabilities Research Review, and Prenatal Diagnosis.

The Carolina Consortium enables academic libraries in North Carolina and South Carolina to use their bulk purchasing power to obtain favorable pricing on a variety of electronic resources that are of significant interest to the scholarly community. For more information, visit their web site at

If you would like to add your name to the growing list of people who support the USC School of Medicine Library Endowment, please send your donation to the USC School of Medicine Development Office, Columbia, SC 29208. Library Circle of Friends names are placed on a plaque adjacent to the Charles S. Bryan History of Medicine Room.

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Library Director Receives Award

Dr. Larry Faulkner, Dean, USC School of Medicine, presented Ruth Riley with the Dean’s Distinguished Service Award at the annual School of Medicine Faculty Reception on Oct. 13, 2004. The award was first presented in 1985 by Dean J. O'Neal Humphries at the School of Medicine Faculty Reception, which is held in the fall. This award is presented annually to the faculty and/or staff persons who have shown outstanding service to the School of Medicine above and beyond the call of duty. The Dean chooses the recipients each year. Congratulations, Ruth!

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Partnership Among SC Academic Libraries (PASCAL) Databases

PASCAL, the Partnership Among SC Academic Libraries, has signed an agreement with EBSCO to extend access to 12 databases that include access to over 12,000 full text titles in core academic disciplines, including the health sciences. There are two corner-stone databases in the package: Academic Search Premiere and Business Source Premiere.

Designed specifically for academic institutions, Academic Search Premier is the world's largest scholarly, multi-disciplinary database containing full text for nearly 4,700 publications, including more than 3,600 peer-reviewed publications. In addition to the full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for all 8,172 journals in the collection. This scholarly collection offers information in nearly every area of academic study including: computer sciences, engineering, physics, chemistry, language and linguistics, arts & literature, medical sciences, ethnic studies, and many more. Business Search Premier offers full text access to approximately 7,600 scholarly business journals and other sources, including more than 1,125 peer-reviewed publications (many unavailable from competing products). The database covers almost every area of business including management, economics, finance, accounting, international business, and more.

You may access Academic Search Premiere and Business Source Premiere via the Databases area of the School of Medicine Library web site. Links to individual e-journals are available from TDNet.

PASCAL is a consortium of over 50 public and private academic libraries in South Carolina dedicated to improving information resources, access and services to each member institution’s library. For more information, visit their web site at

The Library is committed to working with USC University Libraries to engage in consortial purchasing whenever possible. As evidenced by these two initiatives, consortial purchasing allows libraries to leverage their group purchasing power and gain access to new resources that would be unattainable as individual libraries.

Ruth Riley
Director of Library Services

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Library Endowment Fund Purchases

In January, 16 books were purchased for the library’s collections with Library Endowment funds. The money from the endowment is a great supplement to the book budget and the books purchased are ones that we would not have been able to purchase otherwise. Laura Kane, Assistant Director for Cataloging & Acquisitions, designed a bookplate that was placed in the front of each book indicating that the book was purchased with funds from the endowment.

The following endowment-funded books have arrived and are available for use:

  1. Encyclopedia of Bioethics, 3rd edition. W 50 E56 2004 – Reference Collection
  2. Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry. QU 13 E56 2004 – Reference Collection
  3. International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, 3rd edition. WK 810 I60359 2004 – General Collection
  4. Mandell, Douglas and Bennett’s Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases, 6th edition. WC 39 M271p 2005 – Reserve Collection
  5. Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology, 3rd edition. WE 544 O98 2004 – General Collection
  6. Pocket Guide to Medication Used in Dermatology, 8th edition. WR 39 S323p 2003 – Reference Collection
  7. Current Surgical Therapy, 8th edition. WO 500 C976 2004 – Reference Collection
  8. Melloni’s Illustrated Dictionary of Obstetrics and Gynecology. WP 13 M527 2000 – Reference Collection
  9. Stedman’s Surgery Words, 2nd edition. WO 15 S812 2002 – Reference Collection
  10. Stedman’s Radiology Words, 4th edition. WN 15 S812 2004 – Reference Collection
  11. Anaesthesia and Intensive Care A to Z: An Encyclopedia of Principles and Practice, 3rd edition. WO 213 Y45 2004 – Reference Collection
  12. Statistical Handbook of Infectious Diseases. WC 39 W343S 2003 – Reference Collection
  13. Massachusetts General Hospital: Handbook of General Hospital Psychiatry, 5th edition. WM 100 M414 2004 – Reference Collection
  14. American Psychiatric Association Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders Compendium 2004. WM 400 A513a 2004 – Reference Collection
  15. Insider’s Guide to Mental Health. WM 26.4 G874i 2004 – Reference Collection
  16. CPT Handbook for Psychiatrists, 3rd edition. WM 15 S349c 2004 – Reference Collection

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With the retirement of Karen Rosati, Head of Serials, in October 2004 and Annie Potter, Serials Specialist, in March 2005, the Library’s Serials division has undergone significant change.

The Library faculty and staff will surely miss Karen and Annie’s presence. We wish them a very happy retirement and thank them for their excellent service to the School of Medicine and the University of South Carolina.

On to greener pastures: the library faculty and staff congratulate Lisa Antley-Hearn on her new position as the Coordinator of Library Services at the Lexington Medical Center in Lexington, SC!

Karen Rosati

Ms. Rosati joined the School of Medicine Library in 1984 after holding positions at the Medical College of Georgia and Georgia State University. She received her Masters of Librarianship from Emory University and a Bachelor of Arts in English and School Librarianship at the University of South Carolina. Ms. Rosati provided the Library with outstanding leadership during her twenty years of service. She shepherded the Library through the incredible transformation of the Library’s predominantly print journal collection of 909 titles in 1984 to a largely electronic journal collection that now encompasses over 2,500 biomedical titles. Ms. Rosati’s accomplishments extend well beyond the borders of South Carolina. She played a major role in the creation and maintenance of the Southeastern Medical Periodicals Union List (SEMPUL). SEMPUL was one of the largest medical library union lists in the country, containing the serials holdings of 140 medical libraries in the Southeast. Ms. Rosati was active in the Southern Chapter of the Medical Library Association, served as Chair of the Columbia Area Medical Librarians Association, Chair of the South Carolina Library Association Health Sciences Roundtable, and served on the USC Faculty Senate. She is also a Distinguished Member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals. Ms. Rosati was bestowed with the title of Librarian Emerita upon her retirement.

Annie Potter

Ms. Potter joined the School of Medicine in 1978. During her twenty-seven years of dedicated service, she held positions in the Library, the Office of the Dean, Radiology, and the Computer and Communications Resource Center back when it was called the “Data Center.” Ms. Potter played a major role in the maintenance of the SEMPUL resource with Ms. Rosati. She also diligently maintained the Library’s holdings in SERHOLD, a database of journal holdings at the National Library of Medicine. Ms. Potter’s extensive knowledge of biomedical journal publishing and attention to detail has contributed greatly to the Library’s excellent e-journal collection.

Lisa Antley-Hearn

Ms. Antley-Hearn joined the Library in 1989 as a reference assistant from the Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina where she had held the same position. During her years at the School of Medicine Library, she worked in many roles including primary back-up for the circulation and interlibrary loan departments. She is probably best known as the School of Medicine’s first web coordinator. She has also served as the library and Animal Resource Facilities’ web coordinator through her tenure here. Ms. Antley-Hearn received a Bachelor’s Degree in English and in December 2004 a Master of Library and Information Science, both from the University of South Carolina. She is now the Coordinator of Library Services at the Lexington Medical Center.

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PubMed Updated: “My NCBI” Replaces Cubby

PubMed has been updated and reloaded for 2005 with a number of improvements. Most notable is the deactivation of the former “Cubby” that has been replaced by “My NCBI.” My NCBI requires registration, although if you were already registered for the cubby the same username and password will give you access. You can enter My NCBI from links on the upper right corner of the PubMed front page. Below are features that might be helpful for you:

  1. Searches can be saved and the results can be forwarded to a designated e-mail account on a schedule selected by you.
  2. Use filters to group search results by areas of interest. Results of filtered searches will display as tabs and citations can be viewed by clicking on the tab. You can create up to 5 active filters.
  3. Customize your LinkOut preferences to display icons for desired full text providers when in the Abstract and Citation displays.

For more information about the update go to:

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Library Celebrates National Medical Librarians Month

In October, the School of Medicine Library celebrated National Medical Librarians Month (NMLM) with the following activities:

  • Throughout the month of October, library users had the opportunity to enter a Trivia Contest related to medical libraries and librarianship. The winners of the contest, Dan Homer and Brannon Traxler each won a copy of the book On Call: A Doctor’s Days and Nights in Residency, by Emily Transue.
  • A “Meet the Staff” display was created and mounted on a prominent wall in the library. The display, in place for the whole month, featured color photographs of all library faculty and staff, and included descriptions of each person’s job duties and responsibilities. A banner reading “Celebrate National Medical Librarians Month!” hung above the display.
  • A web page was created with the heading “October is National Medical Librarians Month!” The page invited users to help celebrate NMLM by participating in a variety of posted activities. The page also included links to PowerPoint presentations developed by library faculty on Medical Librarianship and a variety of electronic resources offered by our library.
  • Throughout the month, library users were encouraged to fill out library Comment Cards.
  • A Digital Showcase was held on October 20th. The showcase (an all-day drop-in) featured looping PowerPoint presentations (displayed on multiple laptop computers) on a variety of subjects related to electronic medical library resources. The showcase also included a display of brochures and other information about electronic resources and locally developed web sites. Free coffee and cookies were offered to library visitors all day long.

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5 Featured Autism Books (5FAB) Project

The South Carolina Autism Society received a grant from the SC Developmental Disabilities Council to select and purchase approximately five books for parents about autism spectrum disorders. The goal of the project was to make autism resources geared toward parents easily accessible throughout the state. An Advisory Committee, comprised of professionals and parents of children with autism, was created to review and recommend resources. Roz McConnaughy, SOM Library, served on the Advisory Committee, along with other faculty members at USC. The committee sought books that would address the following categories:

  1. Basic information about autism for parents of newly diagnosed children
  2. Parents relate what it is like to raise a child with autism
  3. Information on the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process, special education, and advocacy
  4. How to address problem behaviors in children
  5. Preparing for the child’s future as an adult
  6. Books for children to help them understand the behavior of a child with Autism
Sufficient funding was available to purchase nine books. One set of the books will be distributed to each of the 42 county/regional public library systems in South Carolina. The State Library and the Center for Disability Resources Library will also receive sets. The books will be available in the libraries by April for Autism Awareness Month. Roz McConnaughy, Center for Disabilities Library

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Merck Index Now Available

The School of Medicine Library is pleased to announce our newest information resource, the Merck Index. The Merck Index contains 10,955 monographs describing significant chemicals, drugs, and biological substances. A compilation of additional tables and a glossary is provided to supplement the material presented in the monographs. The entries are not a listing of Merck & Co., Inc. products, but rather cover a wide range of compounds, which have been selected on the basis of present or historic importance and interest.

Included in the Merck Index is the Organic Name Reactions section which includes 446 named reactions and an index. A concise reference history and associated reaction schema are provided for each reaction or sub-reaction.

Access to the Merck Index is provided by the University of South Carolina Libraries. It can be accessed through our Databases page.

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Staff News
  • Roz McConnaughy and Allison LoCicero exhibited at the South Carolina Chapter of the American Association of Mental Retardation meeting, Myrtle Beach, Oct 27-29. The association meeting was funded by NN/LM SEA.
  • Ruth Riley and Roz McConnaughy continued to be guests on Gary Pozsik’s radio show, Health, Wealth & Happiness on the first Friday of each month and discuss heath web sites.
  • Victor Jenkinson was appointed as Assistant Web Site Administrator of the Southern Chapter of the Medical Library Association.
  • Allison LoCicero was elected Chair-Elect to the board of the Midlands CROP Walk Against Hunger. The Midlands CROP Walk raises money to support the work of hunger-fighting organizations and helps raise awareness of hunger issues both locally and around the world.
  • Victor Jenkinson attended the Managing Digital Assets Conference in Charleston, SC Feb 4-6.
  • Roz McConnaughy exhibited at the SC Human Services Providers Conference in Charleston , SC Feb 9-10.
  • Roz McConnaughy made a presentation at the SC Department of Education conference in Marlboro County Feb 11.
  • Roz McConnaughy had a video review published in the Journal of the Medical Library Association. You may read the full text at
  • Ruth Riley attended the AAHSL/AAMC meeting and was elected Secretary/Treasurer of AAHSL 2004-2007.
  • Laura Kane, Roz McConnaughy, Sarah Gable and Ruth Riley attended the 2004 Annual Meeting of SC/MLA held October 21-25 in Biloxi, MS
  • Ellen Reynolds and Lisa Antley-Hearn attended the SCLA conference held October 2004 in Greenville, SC. Lisa Antley-Hearn was elected chair of the Health Sciences Round Table.
  • Laura Kane, Sarah Gable, Victor Jenkinson & Ruth Riley co-authored a paper with Dr. Ihab Hajjar about the GeriatricWeb project. It has been accepted for publication in the May 2005 issue of the J Am Geriatric Soc.
  • The Library Staff Enrichment Committee stuffed 600 eggs full of candy for the First Lady's Easter egg hunt. The hunt is for children who have been patients at the Palmetto Health Children's Hospital.

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Medical College of Georgia Visits ILL

On October 1 the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) staff of the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) visited the School of Medicine’s Interlibrary Loan Department. The MCG staff came to learn about ILLiad, the ILL system we implemented in May 2002 and MCG started using in 2004. They wanted to see how we used the system: the workflow, document delivery and how we borrow items for patrons. It was a great opportunity for the ILL staffs to compare notes and share ideas.

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Staff Spotlight: Felicia Yeh

The newest addition to our staff is an old friend, Felicia Yeh. Felicia first worked here at the library from 1985-1992 as the head of Acquisitions and Cataloging. In 1992 she left to join the staff of the South Carolina State Library as their director of Collection Management Services. She is rejoining our staff as the Assistant Director for Serials.

Felicia, a native of Taiwan, graduated from National Cheng Keng University in Taiwan, in 1980 with a liberal arts degree in English and attended library school at the University of South Carolina, graduating in 1985. She began work here at our library shortly after graduation. Felicia is married to Peter Yeh, an engineer with the SC Department of Transportation. They have two children, a boy who is a junior in high school and a girl who attends middle school. Felicia is a member of the SC Library Association and PALMCOP. She is a board member and the curriculum director of the Columbia Chinese School of SC for Chinese children in SC.

Felicia will supervise two full-time Serials specialists as well as managing the electronic journal subscriptions.

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Library Departments
Administration (Director, Ruth Riley): 733-3350
Circulation (Head, Allison Duncan): 733-3344
Reference (Head, Sarah Gable): 733-3351
Cataloging and Acquisitions(Head, Laura Kane): 733-3352
Serials (Head, Felicia Yeh): 733-3355
Systems (Head, Victor Jenkinson): 733-3347
Interlibrary Loan (Head, Sarah Gable): 733-3347
Center for Disability Resources Library (Head, Roz McConnaughy): 733-3310

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Library Hours and General Information

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