October 2003
of Medicine Library
the Newsletter of the School of Medicine Library,
October 2003

From the Director
2002-2003 In Review

On behalf of the Library faculty and staff, I would like to welcome all new students, faculty, and staff to the School of Medicine and welcome back our returning students. As we begin the new academic year, it's appropriate to reflect on the Library's accomplishments during the past year.

Increase in Partnerships and Grants

  • Collaborated with Geriatrics Division on the successful submission of a grant proposal to the National Library of Medicine to create GeriatricWeb, an easily accessible digital library of high quality geriatric web materials and PDA Internet resources that are reviewed by librarians and geriatricians. The website is slated for opening in early 2004.
  • Led Bioinformatics Core for the NIH-funded South Carolina Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network (SC BRIN) grant project. Coordinated the consortial purchase of new SciFinder Scholar (Chemical Abstracts) subscriptions for MUSC, Furman, SC State, Claflin, and Benedict, and partial funding of existing subscriptions at USC, Clemson, and College of Charleston. Purchased 20 DS Gene/MacVector licenses -- nucleic acid and protein sequence analysis software -- for SC BRIN-funded researchers. Purchased one concurrent user license to GeneSpring -- gene expression data analysis software -- for USC Columbia, including School of Medicine.

Educational Partnerships Growth

  • Integrated small group learning techniques into the library component of the Introduction to Clinical Medicine course.
  • Provided a session on evidence-based medicine resources for psychiatry residents.
  • Worked with Dr. Clarke Millette, Professor, Cell & Developmental Biology & Anatomy, to create a web page for a histology assignment. The site featured hot links to the full text articles that Dr. Millette had been distributing in hard copy in previous years.
  • Expanded monthly class offerings to include a class on Reference Manager, a citation management software package.
  • Sarah Gable, Associate Director, served as a facilitator for problem-based learning small groups.

Digital Library Expansion

  • Expanded the e-journal collection by over 400 titles. 180 of these titles were added as a result of the Library's participation in EPSCoR's Science Information Group (ESIG) consortial purchase of the Kluwer Online Journals package.
  • Licensed access to the e-textbook, Hurst's The Heart, and Medical Matrix, a medical search engine and the largest peer-reviewed directory of medical sites on the Internet.
  • Expanded access to full text articles in Ovid Medline from 50 Journals@Ovid titles to over 900 full text journals by implementing the Ovid OpenLinks feature.
  • Created an evidence-based medicine resources area on the Library website.
  • Implemented ILLiad electronic interlibrary loan service.
  • Collaborated with University Libraries on the planning for implementation of TDNet, an integrated e-journals management system. The Library will be phasing out its current e-journals web page in October 2003 and moving solely to TDNet.
  • Provided training for the Rural Primary Care Education sites on use of the proxy server for remote access to the Library's electronic information resources.
  • Continued partnership with Center for Disability Resources by maintaining and expanding the Center for Disability Resources Library. Continued to promote the Library to state agencies and professionals in the state through exhibits at numerous professional meetings, including the SC Medical Association annual meeting.
  • Partnered with Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Library on Hands-On-Health grant project funded by the Duke Endowment. Performed Internet resource discovery for the topics of rehabilitation and AIDS.
  • Received approval for a grant from the Southeastern/Atlantic Region of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine in partnership with MUSC Library to convene and facilitate a multi-disciplinary state planning team meeting in South Carolina in 2004. The purpose of the meeting will be to review current programs, recommend improvements and modifications to programs, identify unmet needs, and develop a plan to include outreach, support, training, consumer health, exhibits, and promotional activities for the state.

Naming of Charles S. Bryan History of Medicine Room and Creation of New Endowment

  • On January 15, 2003, Dean Larry R. Faulkner announced that the Library's newly renovated History of Medicine Room would be named in honor of Dr. Charles S. Bryan, Heyward Gibbes Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean and Director of the USC/Palmetto Health Alliance Center for Medical Humanities. Dr. Bryan provided a generous gift to create the USC School of Medicine Library Endowment. The endowment provides support for preservation of the rare book collection housed in the room, the acquisition of additional historical works, the purchase of books for the general circulating collection, and support in other specialized areas of the Library. This is the Library's first endowment and represents a real milestone in the history of the Library. The Library is very grateful to Dr. Bryan for his wonderful support and commitment to the Library.

I would like to thank the Library faculty and staff for their excellent work this past year. As evidenced by this report, they have continued to strengthen the Library's resources and services for our users.

Ruth Riley, Director of Library Services, 733-3353

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On July 1st Sarah Gable and Kasey Albert, traveled to Bennettsville, South Carolina to visit Care South Carolina Inc., the family medicine center formerly known as McLeod Family Medicine. Since October 2001, medical students have been rotating to Bennettsville to obtain rural health care training. Care South Carolina Inc. has received students during their rotations since June 2003. Upon arrival at the clinic, the librarians were graciously welcomed by Marsharika Moody, the Education and Research Director of the clinic. The purpose of their visit was to introduce Marsharika to the variety of electronic resources available to the faculty and students at the facility. These resources are provided by the USC School of Medicine Library. By training the education directors of these remote, rural medical facilities, they become better equipped to assist medical students and faculty in using the library's electronic resources. Marsharika was shown how to search SCarlit, the library online catalog, place a request in ILL Express, the interlibrary loan ordering system, and navigate the electronic journals and database web pages. She also was shown effective ways to search more complicated database systems like Ovid, MDConsult, STAT!Ref, and PubMed. Sarah and Kasey thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to visit the clinic and reported that their outreach efforts were a success. During previous years, training has also been provided to the education directors of the clinics of Winnsboro and Kershaw. The librarians look forward to revisiting these centers in the near future.

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ILL Express!

Since no library has the resources to purchase or the space to house everything its users might need, the Interlibrary Loan Department plays a vital role in meeting those needs. With the growth in research and the resultant growth in the number of publications librarians have turned to automation to make it possible to supply the information requested. Not only are more documents provided but also the time required to fill a request has decreased remarkably. When transactions were handled manually by mail two weeks for delivery was considered very reasonable. Now documents are sometimes obtained electronically in a matter of several hours. Meanwhile the number of staff assigned to this area has remained constant. In the fall of 2002, the School of Medicine Library implemented the ILLiad system and brought up ILL Express! on the Library's web site. Once registered, it is easy for faculty and students to enter requests and then track the progress of the item, with the capability of retrieving the document electronically from the web site.

Journal articles comprise the majority of items borrowed through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) for USC School of Medicine Library users as well as the majority of items sent to other institutions at their request. As you can see from the chart below our borrowing and lending has increased over the last 3 years with the biggest increase in coming in the last fiscal year. We attribute this partially to ILLiad, because it allows better maintenance of the requests, and the provision of fast and efficient service.

Recently, we received congratulations from Beth Wescott, Network Access Coordinator with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Southeastern Atlantic Region in Baltimore (our regional medical library). Our Interlibrary Loan Department was the top-performing library in our region for filling DOCLINE (interlibrary loan) requests in the January-March 2003 quarter. Of the 98 libraries in the Southeastern Atlantic Region, we are the highest this quarter!

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Strategic Planning Retreat

On the afternoon of July 10th the School of Medicine Library faculty and staff ventured out to Saluda Shoals Park for their annual strategic planning retreat. The Staff Enrichment Committee was commissioned to provide refreshments for the event. Lisa Antley-Hearn, Laura Howell, Roz McConnaughy, and Ellen Reynolds proved that they know how to put the "Treat" in "Retreat". They secretly planned a sweet surprise by kicking off the event with a Ben and Jerry's ice cream party. While everyone blissfully devoured their decadent desserts, Ruth Riley tested everyone's acumen with a list of trivia questions. Many questions were related to the recently calculated annual statistics: Q-How many reference questions did we answer this year? A- 7, 853. Others were just for fun: Q- Who said "Don't worry about senility-when it hits you, you won't know it?" A-Bill Cosby. Once the sugar buzz wore off, the staff reviewed a lengthy list of goals and projects to be considered for the coming year. Among them were the following:

  • Begin planning for third floor renovation.
  • Migrate the Library's e-journals website to the TDNet e-journals management system that is shared with USC University Libraries.
  • Create a web page for the Charles S. Bryan History of Medicine Room
  • Collaborate with University Libraries on raising the awareness of USC faculty about scholarly communication issues and open access publishing initiatives such as PubMed Central, BioMed Central, Public Library of Science, etc.

Currently, the strategic plan draft awaits review by the Library Committee in October.

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Dr. Fred Roper, Dean of CLIS, Retires

On May 15th friends, students, colleagues and family members gathered at the Palmetto Club to honor Dr. Fred Roper on the occasion of his retirement. Dr. Roper has served for 17 years as the Dean of the College of Library and Information Science at the University of South Carolina. He has worked to further the field of medical librarianship for a period of forty years as a librarian, an educator, a scholar and a member of professional organizations. Within those organizations he has consistently assumed leadership positions, serving on the Board of Directors and then as President of the Medical Library Association. He has received much national recognition and is a Fellow of both the Medical Library Association and the Special Libraries Association. He is a recipient of MLA's Marcia Noyes Award and SLA's John Cotton Dana Award. He is co-author of Introduction to Reference Sources in the Health Sciences and is currently updating the text in preparation for publication of the fourth edition.

During the time Dr. Roper has served as Dean, the College of Library and Information Science and the School of Medicine Library have had a close working relationship. SOM Library faculty have served as adjunct faculty for the College, and the College has provided a source for many excellent students who work in the Library as graduate assistants or as interns. We wish him success in all his future endeavors.

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A link to PrimateLit, a bibliographic database providing access to the scientific literature on nonhuman primates, was recently added to the Library's "Databases" page. It covers the time span from 1940 to the present and indexes all types of publications (books, articles, technical reports, dissertations, abstracts, book chapters, etc) and many pertinent subject areas. Included, is Current Primate References (CPR), a subset providing a broad subject approach to recently indexed citations.

PrimateLit is a collaborative project of the Wisconsin and Washington Primate Research Centers. Support is provided financially by the National Center for Research Resources, NIH and technically by the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Library Technology Group.

To use, just click on Databases under Electronic Resources on the Library's frontpage.

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Sarah Gable, Chair-Elect, MLA Chapter Council

There are fourteen geographic Chapters affiliated with the Medical Library Association (MLA), and two elected representatives from each of the fourteen Chapters form a Council. This Council exists to represent the interests of the individual Chapters at the national level as well as to facilitate communication among Chapters and between individual Chapters and the national organization. MLA's Chapter Council elects its own officers, and for the past three years Sarah Gable has served as the Southern Chapter Representative to Chapter Council. At the 2003 Annual Meeting of MLA, she was elected Council Chair-Elect. She will serve one year in this capacity, and will then assume the office of Chair for a period of three years. As Chair of the Chapter council she will also serve in an advisory capacity on MLA's Board of Directors.

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Center for Disability Resources Library

Two years ago, the Center for Disability Resources (CDR) Library moved to its new home within the School of Medicine Library. As awareness of the CDR Library has increased, so has the library usage statistics. Below is a table of the usage statistics for the CDR Library over the past two years. The CDR Library received 905 reference questions from July 2002 to June 2003. This is a 214% increase in reference questions compared to the previous year. 906 library items were checked out during this time period. This is a 217% increase in library items checked out compared to the previous year. 406 mailers were used to loan library materials to individuals across the state the second year.

Yearly Total Comparison
07/01/01 - 06/30/02 07/01/02 - 06/30/03
Reference Questions 422 905
     From Professionals 359 681
     From Families 63 224
Materials Checked Out 416 906
Materials Renewed 149 464
Articles/Photocopies 339 644
Mailers 177 406
New acquisitions 235 166

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TDNet for E-Journal Access Starting in October 2003

Starting on October 15th, 2003, The School of Medicine Library's E-journal access will switch to TDNet, the new USC E-journal system now available for all USC Libraries. TDNet access is in the same location on the SOM Library homepage, as "E-Journals" on the top left.

The TDNet journals management system allows library users to browse by Campus. When SOM patrons enter TDNet from the SOM campus, or from network accounts through our Proxy Server, the default location for searching TDNet is University of South Carolina School of Medicine Library (USCM).

To access titles available to the Main Campus, use the drop down box to select University of South Carolina Columbia (USCC). It is recommended if you are unable to locate an e-journal title you are seeking, that you should check additionally on the USCC section. While a concerted effort has been made to add all medical- and biomedical-related titles to the School of Medicine section, new titles become available constantly.

Searching for e-journals
TDNet titles appear alphabetically by letter, just as on our former E-journal page. Individual titles can be searched in the search box at the top of the TDNet page by title, keyword, or ISSN. (use the dropdown menu). Searching by title, when there is uncertainty as to exact spelling, can be as unspecific as: Journal of the American C (no truncation symbol is necessary).

Searching TDNet by Subject
The Search TDNet button at the top leads to a subject/table of contents search screen. The subject search is very general initially, but can be defined by keywords in journal titles, or article titles. This can be used to find recent articles, however, only the latest 18 months of the articles on the tables of contents of e-journals on TDNet will be searched. Any biomedical search needing complete or definitive results should be performed on PubMed or OVID, or other relevant indexes, not on TDNet.

Creating your own personal profile on TDNet
Any user can also create their own subject/journal profiles by using the My TDNet option, assigning their preferred password. Registered users will receive e-mail alerts for a personalized selection of titles when new issues appear online or when selected subjects terms also appear in new issues. Users can maintain multiple profiles, with different passwords as necessary...there is no limit.

Online access dates, Print holdings, Tables of Contents
Each title has shows online access dates (mm/yyyy); password information if needed (click on password indicator); a print check mark indicator that, when clicked, will go directly to our SCarlit Catalog holdings for that title; a most recent Table of Contents housed on the TDNet server; and, lastly, a link to the publisher's journal webpage, if available. (Please note that the page you have requested must load completely for these column headers to show up.)

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Surgery Grand Rounds Presentation on Evidence-Based Medicine Resources

At the request of Dr. Richard Bell, Professor and Chairman, USC School of Medicine Department of Surgery, Sarah Gable, Roz McConnaughy, and Ruth Riley participated in Surgery Grand Rounds in September. Using a patient case scenario provided by Dr. Bell, they provided the residents, medical students, and faculty in attendance with tips on searching Ovid, PubMed, e-textbooks, and other resources for evidence-based resources. If you are interested in learning about evidence-based medicine resources, you will find an excellent listing of resources on the Library's website in the Electronic Resources section.

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SOM Library Faculty Committee Appointments 2003-2004

Kasey Albert
SOM Student Services & Publications Committee

Sarah Gable
SOM Student Publications & Awards Committee
USC University Libraries Science, Technical & Medical Information Users Task Force

Victor Jenkinson
SOM Faculty/Staff Peer Advocacy Committee
USC University Libraries OPAC Team
USC University Libraries Managed Printing Task Force

Laura Kane
USC Faculty Senate

Ruth Riley
SOM Admissions Committee
SOM Curriculum Committee Independent Learning Subcommittee
SOM Curriculum Committee
SOM Continuing Medical Education Organization Steering Committee
SOM Executive Committee
SOM Computer & Communication Resources Advisory Committee

Karen Rosati
SOM Computer & Communication Resources Advisory Committee
SOM Library Committee

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STAT!Ref Improvements

STAT!Ref now allows users to set their own display options. By clicking the "Sign in to My STAT!Ref" link, users may set up a profile enabling them to:

  • Set the number of titles to display on the search screen
  • Display the full table of contents for a title
  • Invert the paths of results (display from the title down to the document, or from the document down to the title)
  • Define logoff behavior (set the URL to go to when logging off)
Once a profile is established, users may change settings by clicking "My STAT!Ref" in the gray toolbar.

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Staff News

  • Ruth Riley appeared on Gary Pozsik's AM radio show "Health, Wealth, and Happiness" in July, August and September, and discussed various health-related websites on the Internet.
  • Two of our librarians have been asked to chair committees for the Southern Chapter of the Medical Library Association in 2003/2004. Roz McConnaughy has been asked to chair the Governmental Relations Committee and Laura Kane has been asked to chair the Public Relations Committee.

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Straight from the Stacks: A new release by SOM Librarian

We are pleased to announce the release of Straight from the Stacks: A First-Hand Guide to Careers in Library and Information Sciences, the first full-length book by Head of Cataloging and Acquisitions, Laura Townsend Kane. Published by ALA Press, Straight from the Stacks examines the "...amazing and varied jobs available in the library field." Laura spent months collecting interviews with various librarians from around the country to compile this informative work. Librarians and those curious about the profession will find this a very interesting read. We congratulate Laura for all her successful hard work.

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Staff Spotlight:
Annie Potter
A longtime resident of Lugoff, Annie Potter has worked at the Medical School for 25 years. She has worked in the Dean's Office, Medical Library, the Computer Resources Center (formerly the Data Center), and Radiology.

Regarding her work here, Annie says, "There has always been something new to learn. Many people have made it a pleasure to work for the university. The students look younger each year and it is a delight to see and read of the accomplishments of those we saw, however briefly, during their years of study." It must be said that Annie is a gardener that everyone comes to for advice. She is also an avid and voracious reader.

Annie's current job at the Medical Library has been to maintain almost single handedly the very heavily used Electronic Journal Page. Annie's devotion to the work she does has been one of reasons that all of our patrons have been happy with the electronic journal access the Library has been providing over the last 5 years.

Blessed with five wonderful grandchildren, not to mention her close by family of three sons and "wonderful daughters-in-law." Annie is married to Bill Potter, who is retired from DuPont and spends his days happily working/playing at a golf course. Annie is looking forward to retirement one day, to spend more time with her family (especially the grandchildren) and recreating on Lake Wateree.

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Library Departments
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Serials (Head, Karen Rosati): 733-3355
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Center for Disability Resources Library (Head, Roz McConnaughy): 733-3310

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