May 2003
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May 2003

From the Director

Spring greetings from the School of Medicine Library. Given the increasing emphasis on grants and research at USC, I would like to bring your attention to two of the Library's current grants.

SC Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network

Principal Investigator:
John Baynes, USC Chemistry & Biochemistry

Grant Period: 9/1/01 - 8/31/04

Award: $6 million Funding: National Center for Research Resources, National Institutes of Health

SC BRIN is a network of colleges and universities in South Carolina working together to enhance biomedical research and educational programs. In its role as the Bioinformatics Core for SC BRIN, the Library reports the following accomplishments to date:

  • Creation and maintenance of the SC BRIN website --
  • Website has received 594,874 hits to date by 12,587 unique visitors since its creation December 2001.
  • Co-sponsored "In Silico Biology Symposium" at MUSC, December 2001.
  • Hosted "A Field Guide to GenBank and NCBI Molecular Biology Resources" workshop, March 2002, attended by 60 faculty and students from 14 institutions.
  • Consortial purchase of two year subscriptions to the e-journal, Nature, for 28 academic libraries in South Carolina, and 12 Nature monthly research and review e-journals for USC, MUSC, Clemson, College of Charleston, Furman, Claflin, and SC State.
  • Purchase of 20 DS Gene/MacVector licenses -- nucleic acid and protein sequence analysis software -- for SC BRIN-funded researchers.
  • Purchase of one concurrent user licence to GeneSpring -- gene expression data analysis software -- for USC Columbia, including School of Medicine.
  • Consortial purchase of new SciFinder Scholar (Chemical Abstracts) subscriptions for MUSC, Furman, SC State, Claflin, and Benedict, and partial funding of existing subscriptions at USC, Clemson, and College of Charleston.

Geriatric Digital Library

Principal Investigator Ihab Hajjar, Palmetto Health Richland, USC SOM Geriatrics

Grant Period: 1/1/03 - 12/31/03

Award: $76,988

Funding: National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health.

The aim of the GeriatricWeb project is to create an easily accessible digital library of high quality geriatric web materials and PDA Internet resources that are reviewed by librarians and geriatricians and to increase usage of the library in the clinical care of the older patient and in geriatric medical education. The digital library is being developed through a collaborative effort between the School o f Medicine Geriatrics division and the School of Medicine Library. At this stage of the project, the Library is working with Dr. Ihab Hajjar and Dr. Victor Hirth to develop the GeriatricWeb website using a database-driven design. We are also beginning to search the web for geriatric resources that will be forwarded to Dr. Hajjar, Dr. Hirth and other geriatricians for review before they are posted to the website.

As you can see, the Library is an active participant in grant-funded activity in the School of Medicine. We anticipate funding of two additional grant projects later this year.

Ruth Riley, Director of Library Services, 733-3353

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Eight soon-to-be physicians participated in the mini-rotation that the Library offers as a part of Capstone month. The rotation consists of a series of computer workshops to assist M-IVS in sharpening their skills before departing the School of Medicine. The Library's faculty serve as instructors for the various workshops. Beginning Monday, April 21st, Ruth Riley presented a program designed to acquaint students with a number of websites useful for the practicing professional. Included were authoritative sites for consumer health information to which patients may be referred with confidence. On Tuesday, Bryan Lundquist, a member of the M-IV class, and Victor Jenkinson presented information about useful software for and future trends in PDAs. They demonstrated the Margi "Presentations to Go" software that allows you to store and run a PowerPoint presentation on a handheld. Following that, Kasey Albert provided instruction in the use of "Reference Manager," a bibliographic management software program. On Wednesday, Sarah Gable instructed the students in the use of PubMed, which provides access to the entire Medline database to anyone with Internet access. Thursday was devoted to Evidence Based Medicine (EBM). Sarah demonstrated OVID search techniques with retrieval of EBM information from Medline and linking to the EBM databases that OVID provides. Roz McConnaughy then offered tips for searching the OVID EBM databases directly and demonstrated a number of other EBM databases. Karen Rosati taught the final session on Friday, bringing the students up-to-date on the latest trends in electronic publications.

Sarah Gable

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Current Awareness Tools:
Available Options

The Current Contents Connect database was discontinued in April 2003. This is a unique database and provides an excellent means for maintaining currency within a discipline, but the usage statistics have not justified the cost of the system. Under the current budget constraints we cannot afford the luxury of an expensive program that only a few individuals utilize. Following is a list of other resources available to you that can be used for maintaining currency. For more complete information about the use of these resources and features, go to

  • OVID Medline -- Provides "Auto Alerts" delivered to your e-mail address following each database update. Most citations include an e-mail address for the primary author.
  • PubMed Medline -- Use the cubby feature to save searches that you can run on a recurring basis. With each execution, you view new publications entered since the last time you executed the search.
  • BioMail -- Allows you to receive "Auto Alerts" run on PubMed. You decide how frequently to execute the search. Results are sent to your e-mail address.
  • ScienceDirect -- Various options for alerts: citation alerts, journal issue alerts, and article alerts.
  • Kluwer -- Receive journal specific or topic specific Tables of Contents information each time selected journals are updated.
  • Web of Science -- Run saved searches as frequently as desired. No "Auto Alert" feature. Limit to time span (latest week, latest 4 weeks, etc).
  • TDNet -- Receive alerts for specific topics or use a keyword search to topical information. Receive weekly updates with linked contents.

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Evidence-Based Medicine Resources Web Page

The Library has added an Evidence-Based Medicine Resources webpage to the website. The link is located under "Electronic Resources" on the Library's homepage. The Evidence-Based Medicine Resources page contains annotated links to databases, such as OVID's EBM Reviews, SUM Search, and the TRIP Database. There are also links to guideline collections, online EBM tutorials, critical appraisal websites, and EBM glossaries. The site may be accessed through the following URL:

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The University Libraries recently subscribed to TDNet for improved access to full-text online journal articles. The USC Columbia Campus and the USC School of Medicine e-journal holdings are both in this system and can be searched to locate a needed electronic journal. Except in rare instances, titles available to the USC main campus can also be accessed by School of Medicine patrons.

TDNet access is located on the Library's E-Journal webpage ( Until all functions of TDNet are up and running (including information for SOM username and password access for specific journals), School of Medicine patrons are encouraged to search the existing School of Medicine Library e-journal page, as well as TDNet.

The TDNet journals management system allows library users to browse (by campus) a list of e-journal subscriptions or search for a specific title. Each entry includes the journal titles, database or publisher, online journal holdings, and links to tables of contents TDNet provided, as well as those located at the publishers' websites.

TDNet School of Medicine journal holdings for biomedical sciences now total over 2100 (including titles on the Infotrac's Health Reference Center Academic database, with 600 full-text titles). However, on the University Libraries (USCC) site, there are over 24,000 e-journal titles available from various publishers, as well as Lexis-Nexus, Academic Universe, Infotrac, and all titles in ScienceDirect, JSTOR, Project MUSE, and Kluwer Online. If you can't find the title you need through the School of Medicine, be sure to check TDNet's USCC titles for additional access.

TDNet also provides library holdings information for each e-journal title. A search feature is available to generate a list of e-journals by broad subject areas. Users can also create their own subject/journal profiles and receive email alerts when new issues appear online or when subject terms match.

Please call (803-733-3355) or email Karen Rosati if you have any questions.

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E-Journal Webpage Monthly Use Tops 10,000

In September 2001, just over a year and a half ago, the new e-journal webpage ( for the Library became operational. This webpage allows the Library to monitor the total number of uses, by title, of our e-journals.

Patrons from the School of Medicine campus, as well as the USC main campus, are using the Library's e-journal webpage over 10,000 times per month. These statistics are based on usage collected from November 2002 to February 2003. Use from May 2002 to October 2002 averaged 5000 hits per month. The new e-journal management system TDNet will also capture usage based on title and access point location.

Karen Rosati

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Low-Use Continuations Cancelled

With the approval of the School of Medicine's Library Committee, the Library has cancelled the standing orders of thirty-five continuations titles. Most of these titles, such as Advances in Parasitology and Year Book of Pediatrics, are yearly reviews of specific subject areas. Such content can generally be found elsewhere. Use statistics for the past three years were compiled for each title, and those reflecting very high cost per use were selected for cancellation. A listing of the title canceled can be found under "What's New" on the Library's homepage (

Laura Kane

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Dedication of the Charles S. Bryan History of Medicine Room

All photos courtesy of Jeff Amberg and Ellen Reynolds.

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Meet our Graduate Assistants
Mary Jo Giudice
Mary Jo is a native of Gainesville, Florida and was a travel agency owner for 14 years. A graduate of the University of Florida, with a BA in Journals and Communications, she will graduate from USC's SLIS program in December 2003. She is the fifth of seven children and enjoys collecting unusual watches from around the world and long distance cycling.

Jean Mark Sens
Originally from France, Jean Mark has been living in the South for over 12 years. After graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi, Jean Mark taught English at Ole Miss. Then, almost three years ago, Jean Mark moved to Columbia. He will be graduating from USC's SLIS program at the end of the summer. He enjoys swimming, biking, and cooking, among many other things.

Denise Lyons
Denise grew up in Michigan, completed her undergraduate degree in Journalism at Boston University, and a Masters in Public Services Management and Nonprofit Administration in Chicago. Her professional background includes fundraising, special events, and volunteer management. She loves to read and write, music, photography, traveling, and cooking.

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Reference Manager

In February we introduced a new course to our library-training repertoire. Reference Manager is a software package specifically designed to manage bibliographic references. Reference Manger simplifies the lives of anyone gathering references or producing bibliographies by organizing reference collections, searching and importing citations from Internet databases, and instantly producing bibliographies. The Reference Manager workshop generally lasts between 60 to 90 minutes. During this time you'll learn how to search Internet databases and online catalogs through Reference Manager, import citations from PubMed, OVID, Web of Science, and PsychINFO, use the Cite While You Write feature, and create instant bibliographies. Because the class size is typically small, you'll have the opportunity to try your hand at Reference Manager during the workshop. To register for Reference Manager, please visit

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Involved in the Medical Curriculum

On January 7th, the Library faculty provided an afternoon of training entitled "Introduction to Clinical Information Resources" to first year medical students. This training was offered at the behest of Dr. J.T. Thornhill as part of the Introduction to Clinical Medicine (ICM) curriculum. The students were familiarized with a selection of the Library's most important resources including STAT!Ref, OVID, Harrison's Online, and MDConsult.

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Staff News

  • Karen Rosati and Marjorie Terracio attended the 12th Annual North Carolina Serials Conference April 3-4 in Chapel Hill, NC. Serials librarians from North and South Carolina convened to explore management of electronic serials and e-publishing initiatives.
  • Sarah Gable and Roz McConnaughy exhibited at the SC Council for Exceptional Children State Convention February 21 in Hilton Head, SC. The exhibition promoted the services of the CDR Library and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM). Costs of exhibiting were covered by NNLM.
  • Sarah Gable and Roz McConnaughy attended the SC Rural Health and SC Annual Conference February 26-28 in Columbia. Roz presented the poster "Disseminating Disability Resources to South Carolina Health Professionals."
  • Roz McConnaughy exhibited at the Assistive Technology Expo March 12 in Greenville.
  • Roz McConnaughy exhibited April 23 at the Person Centered Planning Conference in Columbia.
  • Sarah Gable, Roz McConnaughy, and Ruth Riley attended the Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association in San Diego, May 2-8. Ruth and Sarah presented the contributed paper "Building and Leading in the Bioinformatics Core for the South Carolina Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network (SC BRIN)." Roz completed the continuing education course "Quality Filtering: Critical Appraisal and Synthesis of Biomedical Literature." Sarah, in her role as Chapter Council Representative of the Southern Chapter of MLA, attended the annual meeting of Chapter Council. As a member of the 2004 National Program Committee, Ruth helped the committee work on programming for the 2004 MLA meeting in Washington, DC.
  • Ruth Riley appeared on Gary Pozsik's AM radio show "Health, Wealth, and Happiness" in February, March, April, and May and discussed various health-related websites on the Internet.
  • At the request of Dr. William Hogue, USC Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Ruth Riley participated in a panel discussion on the impact of information technology on discipline-specific libraries on April 10 for Dr. Hogue's Seminar on Information Science in the School of Library and Information Science.
  • Roz McConnaughy, Coordinator for Disability Resources Library, has won a $1,500 scholarship from the Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries (AAHSL) to participate in the Library Leadership for New Managers Program, which is an Association of Research Libraries training program. The program is comprised of three segments: an in-person leadership institute in DC from September 22-25, a web-based course during October 6-17, and a facilitated project that must be completed by November 7. Congratulations, Roz!
  • Victor Jenkinson, Head of Systems, attended two conferences this spring: "Computers in Libraries" in Washington, DC, March 12-14 and the Innovative Users Group Annual Meeting in San Jose, CA, April 26-28.

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PASCAL Director Visits Library

Rick Moul, the newly appointed Executive Director of PASCAL (Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries), spoke at the Library's April staff meeting. He outlined PASCAL's strategic plan and described his activities, to-date and planned, in pursuance of those goals. Some items of interest Moul spoke on were the potential for a statewide union catalog, the stat's contract with ILS provider SIRSI, statewide cooperative purchasing agreements, staff development opportunities, and his new home at Thomas Cooper Library.

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Staff Spotlight:
Kasey Albert
Originally from Shaker Heights, Ohio, Kasey recalls the indirect path she took before becoming Head of Circulation at the Library. After earning her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the College of Wooster, she lived all over the Western US for seven years, exploring the back country, hiking, skiing, and white water rafting. Warmer winters and a love of books brought her south, where she enrolled in USC's School of Library and Information Science. She nurtured her incipient interest in medical libraries at the School of Medicine Library as a circulation graduate assistant for two years. She graduated with her MLIS from USC in December 2002. Directly following graduation, Kasey accepted the recently vacated position as Head of Circulation, a testament to being in the right place at the right time.

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Library Departments
Administration (Director, Ruth Riley): 733-3350
Circulation (Head, Kasey Albert): 733-3344
Reference (Head, Sarah Gable): 733-3351
Cataloging and Acquisitions(Head, Laura Kane): 733-3352
Serials (Head, Karen Rosati): 733-3355
Systems (Head, Victor Jenkinson): 733-3347
Interlibrary Loan (Head, Sarah Gable): 733-3347
Center for Disability Resources Library (Head, Roz McConnaughy): 733-3310

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Library Hours and General Information

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
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Telephone Number: (803) 733-3344

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