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January 2001, Special Issue

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First-Floor Renovation Reaches Completion!

On Friday, November 17th, the School of Medicine sponsored an open hourse to celebrate the completion of the Library's first floor renovation. Dean Faulkner and Director Ruth Riley cut the official ribbon at the library's new entrance (see photo above).

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Renovation ... From a Staff Member's Perspective

To paraphrase William Shakespeare, it's been "Much Ado About Something!"

It all began innocuously enough. The School of Medicine Library had become somewhat outdated in appearance and function, and a glance around the premises led one to note that after 20-odd years, the library sure could stand a new look, not to mention more room for its collection. And, if one was honest, one had to admit the orange and blue color scheme was not the loveliest of sights. However, again to paraphrase Willie, "all's well that ends well,' because not only was the library director's office the recipient of a new director's face (Ruth Riley replaced Tom Lange as director), permission was granted to give the library a new face as well. The decision was made to move the library upstairs into temporary quarters on the second and third floors so the first floor could undergo its facelift.

In came the architects and engineers! Out came the color smples, carpet samples, desk and chair designs! So bagan a series of endless debates over what would look nice in our "new" library. Library shelving was sent off to be re-coated in a more eye-pleasing cream color. The new floor plan called for a complete overhaul, including turning the library around so that the front door now faces Garners Ferry Road. The old front door is now the back door. The library gained a little more shelf space by enclosing the old front hallway.

The circulation and reference desks had temporary digs on the second floor (actually the circulation desk found a home in the hallway designed for the second floor elevator), while the cataloging, serials and administrative offices were crowded into room 303 of the third floor. It was beginning to look like a long, hot summer was on the horizon. Starting in May, library personnel began the onerous task of boxing up the library's collection of books. As a note to the uninitiated in the task of moving a library, shifting shelves and books is no easy job!

For workers at the circulation desk, the storage of the book collection led to the oft-repeated refrain of "I'm sorry. We DO have that book, but it is in storage. We will be happy to get that book through interlibrary loan for you at no charge." More than once, circulation workers were asked why we "couldn't just go dig the needed book out of the box." Patience was practiced in abundance.

We all survived the summer (though it was touch-and-go at times), but it was worth it. The "new library" is modern, functions, nice to look at, and, best of all, spacious. Gone are the old orange shelves, the outdated carpet and the makeshift circulation desk. Students, faculty and visitors will be impressed by our shiney new look and new entrance.

Now it's time to plan for second floor renovation...?!?!?

- Carol Witzell, Library Specialist in Circulation

LIBRARY STAFF (left to right, front to back): Allison Duncan, Ruth Riley, Carol Witzell, Laura Howell, Sarah Gable, Ed Sperr, Kathryn Gilbert, Marge Terracio, Dean Faulkner, Erica Peake, Mary Helen Sinclair, Laura Kane, Dee Robinson, Scott Johnson, Lisa Antley-Hearn, Annie Potter, Tim Schaefer, Ellen Reynolds, Karen Rosati, Victor Jenkinson.

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Thank you, thank you, and thank you! There are many people to thank in conjunction with the Library renovation project. The project is a success due to the hard work and dedication of many, many people.

First, to our wonderful students and faculty, thank you so much for your patience, understanding, and flexibility during the construction. I know that the renovation was disruptive to your use of the library buy you were gracious and sympathetic throughout the construction.

Sincere thanks to Dean Larry Faulkner for his steadfast support of the project. The renovation is a strong demonstration of his commitment to making the USC School of Medicine one of the most successful and progressive primary care educational institutions in the Southeast. The Library is the school's center for intellectual discovery and community. Investment in the Library's physical facility heightens the quality of research, teaching, and learning at the School of Medicine and supports faculty and staff recruitment.

Thank you to Brian Jowers, Associate Dean for Administration and Finance, for his excellent oversight of all aspects of the project, for his moral support of the Library faculty and staff, and for his great sense of humor. A good sense of humor was a prerequisite for attendance at the endless meetings held with the architect, contractors, and others.

Thank you to David Moore, Architect, Craig, Gaulden & Davis, Greenville, for his excellent work on the library design, and to his colleague, Amy Stubbs, Interior Designer, for her assistance with the color scheme and furniture selection. David's firm drew the original plans for the Library building in 1978. Their excellent work continued with this successful project.

Thank you to Mary Helen Sinclair, Administrative Assistant, Library, for her superlative eye for color and design and her exemplary assistance with all phases of the project. She held together all the little pieces of a complex, multi-layered project.

Thank you to Morris Nussbaum, USC Construction Services, for helping us navigate the state bureaucracy for and serving as our liaison with the Office of State Engineer, handling the advertising and bidding of the construction contract, monitoring the construction, facilitating the constructions meetings, and making sure everything was done on schedule and within budget.

Thank you to our contractor, Preferred Construction. David Argoe, Nick Nickus, and Chris Fasulo were responsive and conscientious in all of their dealings with us. We are very pleased with their work.

Thank you to Paul Guigliano, MasterKraft Renovation Systems, for transforming the orange shelving into the neutral oyster color.

A huge thank you is due to Larry Knott and his staff in Physical Facilities and Auxiliary Services, including Blake Byars, Rick Campbell, Rick Connor, Dana Crusse, Kenneth Geddis, Tim Dicks, Casey Hilman, Galen Manapat, Wayne Reynolds, John Stone, and John Wiggins. They were critical to the success of this project. From beginning to end, they came to our aid. They helped us move the book collection and all our furniture into storage, dismantled all the shelving, helped us get our phone lines and data lines in place and got all our electrical issues worked out, stripped and painted the stairwell, and got us moved back in. They did all this with a willing and helpful attitude and smiles on their faces. We couldn't have done it without them.

Thank you to Dr. Jim McNamee and his staff in Computing and Communication Resources for getting all our data lines and phone connections set up in our temporary office spaces and getting us re-connected in the new space.

Thank you to Tom Lange, former Library Director, for his foresight and vision in laying the preliminary groundwork for the renovation.

Finally, it is the Library faculty and staff to whom I owe the largest debt of gratitude. Their endless energy, sense of humor, positive team attitude, and enthusiasm really made the difference in this project. They pulled together through each phase of the renovation and worked together very effectively to continue providing services to our users. We have learned a lot about renovating and are looking forward to starting on the second floor!

Thank you everyone!

Ruth Riley

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The Major Players ... in The Renovation Game

Morris Nussbaum, USC Construction Services Larry Knott, Manager, SOM Physical Facilities
Tom Lange, former Library Director Ruth Riley, Director, Library Services
Brian Jowers (absent), Associate Dean, Administration & finance Larry Faulkner, Dean, School of Medicine David Moore, Architect, Craig, Gaulden & Davis

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