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February 1999 Issue

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Library Keys No Longer Work!

How To Get Into the Library?

Put away those keys and get out those Ids. After-hours access and access to study areas is now controlled by using your USC ID card.

Everyone is enouraged to come by the library to have their ID cards activated and to learn how to use the new system. The library is currently exploring what needs to be done for students whose IDs are not functioning properly.

Regular hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-Midnight; Saturday, 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.; Sunday, 1:00 p.m.-Midnight.

Please bear with us during the first month or so as we work out the bugs in the system. We hope this will make the library a better, safer, and more friendly place to be.

Sandra Knowles, Circulation Librarian

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On December 31, 1998, the SOM Library said "goodbye" to Director R. Thomas Lange, Jr., M.L.S. Mr. Lange was the first director of the library and left after more than 20 years of service. A Search Committee has been formed to find a new director for the Library.

The Interim Director is Sarah Gable, Head of Education and Reference.

Lisa Antley-Hearn, Reference Specialist
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The SOM Library welcomes Ed Sperr, M.L.I.S. as our new Systems Librarian. He will be responsible for Network Support for the Library's computer resources.

Mr. Sperr, a native of Augusta, GA, completed his undergraduate work at the University of Georgia and his graduate studies at the University of South Carolina. He came to us from a position at the Columbia College Library.

Carol Woodward, Circulation Specialist

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Science Citation Index and Current Contents Online and available to everyone at USC!

Did you know that Current Contents and The Science Citation Index (which is included in the WEB OF SCIENCE) have been available online to the USC community since Spring of 1998?

Current Contents
Science Citation Index

Both databases can be accessed at the above addresses, or by going through the SOM Homepage Information Resources, then clicking on Searchable Databases For SOM Patrons only.

No passwords are necessary. Your computer at USC will be identified as a legitimate user.

Individual notices were sent to everyone at USC, and we have posted this news in our newsletter, but we are still finding souls who don't know about these wonderful resources.

Please contact the library for any questions you have concerning the use of these resources. We will be glad to answer any questions or come to your office to provide instruction.

Please call Sarah Gable or Sandra Knowles at 733-3344.

Karen Warren, Serials Librarian

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OVID Enhancements

OVID has recently been upgraded to version 7.8, resulting in the following system enhancements:

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Two New Databases Have Been Added to OVID


Journals@OVID provides access to 50 journal titles in a full text format. When you access them you will be connecting to OVID Technologies, rather than to the SOM Library system. The download time should be no longer than a few seconds.

You will be able to access the Journals@OVID while viewing the results of a MEDLINE search. The articles will have a red notation that states "Use link to view the full text" above the record. Among the buttons at the bottom of the record will be one marked "Link." If the lettering on the button is in boldface, you can view the text by clicking on the button.

You can also choose to limit your retrieval to only those articles available in full text. You can browse the journals by selecting the "Core Biomedical Collection" or Journals@OVID full text by selecting the database as you enter OVID. If you are already in MEDLINE, click on "Database" and choose the database you wish to browse.

A complete list of the Journals@OVID database titles we can access, and the Core Collection, is included as an insert in this newsletter.

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Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews

Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews is designed for clinicians, researchers, and students, and reflects the current practice of medicine to base clinical decisions on accumulatedevidence in primary medical literature.

Its contents are derived from both the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (published by Update Software for the Cochrane collaboration) and Best Evidence, a databace of the ACP Journal Club (a publication of the American College of Physicians - American Society of Internal Medicine) and Evidence-Based Medicine (a joint publication of the ACP and Britsh Medical Group).

Both the Cochrane Collaboration and the ACP create reviews of current medical research by surveying the medical literature for articles that are clinically relevant and are methodically sound, and by reporting the analysis in a clear and concise way. The Cochrane Database contains topic reviews created from systematic study of hundreds of journal articles. Using these sources, clinicians can quickly understand and apply to their practice important changes in medical knowledge without having to read and synthesize for themselves thousands of journal articles.

Features include:

Sarah Gable, Reference Librarian

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LEXIS-NEXIS is now available through the USC Thomas Cooper Library. This database provides access to a wide range of business and legal information; news and reference information; and contains general medical and health topics and medical abstracts. Use the following URL's:

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Library Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to midnight
Saturday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Sunday 1 p.m. to midnight

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Library Staff

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Newsletter Committee Members

Karen Warren, Chair
Laura Kane, Co-Chair
Lisa Antley-Hearn
Sandra Knowles
Carol Woodward

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