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One of the most-requested additions to the home page, fill-in forms, have now become a reality for the School of Medicine. New software called "PolyForms" has been added to the WWW server. People browsing our web pages can now fill out forms on the web page, then click on a button labeled "SUBMIT." They immediately receive a confirmation of their request, which they can print out if they wish, and their request is sent via e-mail to the person or persons who can fill their requests.

Currently there are two forms available on the pages. These are for Interlibrary Loan Requests for books or photocopies. If you would like to request a book or article, simply go to the ILL page ( and click on the option you prefer. The link will pull up the form; simply fill it out completely (forms with required fields not filled in will bounce back to the sender with an error message) and then press submit. The request will be sent to the Interlibrary Loan account, where it is checked three times a day. Rush or emergency requests still need to be called or faxed in, but you can now request loans without leaving your office or picking up the phone! Complete directions for filling out the forms can be found at

Coming soon will be the preliminary application forms for the Graduate Programs of Ph.D. in Biomedical Science, Master's Degree in Nurse Anesthesia, and Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, as well as a form prospective medical students can fill out to get more information about the School sent to them. If you would like to have a form added to the home page, please contact Lisa Antley-Hearn (733-3174; .

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Due to the increasing usage of the School of Medicine computer network, the library has decided to provide access to the network when the CRC is closed. There are two terminals that are now set up so that students, faculty, and staff can log into their computer accounts within the library. These two terminals are the second and third computers from the right along the glass wall. They are designated with a small green dot on the upper left-hand side of the monitor.

Terminals will only be set to provide network access when the CRC is closed, which means the computers will be switched over at 9:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and after 5:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. These terminals will remain on all night and will be switched back to Medline access at 8:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, and 2:00 p.m. on Sunday. While the computers are set up for network access, Medline will not be available on these terminals. The network can only be accessed through USC School of Medicine computer accounts; contact the CRC if there are any questions.

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If you have noticed the Library's conspicuously barren New Book Shelf of late, we are pleased to announce that this situation will soon be remedied. Due to the rising costs of serial subscriptions and insufficient funding to cover such inflation, the library was forced to temporarily suspend the purchase of books. However, the School of Medicine's recent strategic planning process has resulted in additional funding specifically allocated for the purchase of monographs.

The Library has already begun ordering new materials from a list of desired items that the Collection Development Committee had been maintaining during the budget crisis. If anyone would like to suggest a title of general interest for purchase, please contact Sarah Gable (733-3344;

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Are you ready for the paperless society? In the most recent issue of its "Proposal Deadlines" SPAR announced that the awards for the previous months were not included but could be found on their homepage. They further announced that after July 1996 they will discontinue "Proposal Deadlines" altogether as a print publication. They will be adding deadlines to the homepage each Monday afternoon. Their URL is:
While you're in Netscape looking at SPAR's homepage with funding on your mind you might wish to check out a few other related sites. The Internet is a rich source of information about grants, funding, and research in progress.

Since there is so much available you might want to begin with some of the major subject guides. An example is the page of the Arizona Health Sciences Center, "The AHSL Guide to Funding Information."
Here you will be guided to web pages with financial aid information, gophers with extensive grant menus, sites that list awards made to researchers, announcements of available awards by subject categories, and miscellaneous items such as NSF proposal forms.

A similar guide is available from the Biomedical Library at the University of San Diego. It lists selected grant resources followed by general collections of grant resources. The URL is:

In October 1995, "The Chronicle of Higher Education" published an article on the use of online resources for grant information. They reported the results of a survey that named the Federal Information Exchange (FEDIX) as the most popular source for this type of information. FEDIX provides access to information about federal research opportunities; program contacts; scholarships, fellowships, and grants; available research equipment; procurement notices from the Commerce Business Daily, Federal Register, and other sources; current events within participating agencies; and minority opportunities. The URL is:

Many agencies have their own homepages where they list their awards. Among them are the following:
The NIH Grants database contains information about all current NIH grants and a complete listing of dollar amounts for grants awarded to each institution. It is updated at least every two weeks. Also available on this page is an overall ranking of institutions according to the amount of money awarded to the institution. The URL is:

The NSF Grants database contains information about all NSF grants (1989 - present). It contains a complete listing, for each institution, of dollar amounts for grants awarded. It also gives an overall current ranking of institutions. It is updated at least once a month. The URL is:

GrantsNet is a tool for finding and exchanging information about HHS and selected other Federal grant programs. It attempts to provide government resources to the general public in a more accessible and meaningful manner. The page includes a "What's New" feature with monthly summaries of changes or additions to GrantsNet. You can search for funding, and there is also information on topics such as grant administration or how to subscribe to or query GNET-L, an electronic mailing list. The URL is:

If you would like information about research in progress you might take a look at CRISP (Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects). This is a major biomedical database containing information on research supported by the U.S. Public Health Service. It is full-text searchable and is updated weekly. Scientific information for each project can be found by searching project title, principal investigator, abstract, and term descriptors. The URL is:

The Federal Register provides a uniform system for making available regulations and legal notices issued by Federal agencies. These include Presidential proclamations and Executive Orders and Federal agency documents having general applicability and legal effect, documents required to be published by act of Congress and other Federal agency documents of public interest.

Other interesting sites:

Index to the NIH Guide to Contracts and Grants

Resources for Grant Writers on the Internet

The Foundation Center

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JBC, one of the Library's most used journals, has been available through the Internet in test phase for a little over a year. The publishers have taken the first step toward making the on-line version of JBC the true official version. All School of Medicine Personnel will have access to this version of JBC, as well as the hardcopy version in the Library. Point to on Netscape. Feedback from those using the on-line version will be appreciated.

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Students have reported various articles missing from carrels. Unfortunately, there is little that the library staff or medical school security can do concerning unsecured valuables. We urge everyone to be aware of all comings and goings in all library areas and to be aware of any situations that appear unusual. However, leaving articles unsecured, such as on a carrel or in an unlocked car, cannot be the responsibility of the School of Medicine.

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After students requested that automatic page feeders be added to current copiers for copying notes, plans have been made to incorporate these features in library copiers when new copiers become available this coming summer. The current copiers are under contract and cannot be replaced until the University's current contract expires in June.

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Due to re-wiring at USC's Computer Services Division, the School of Medicine Network has recently been experiencing frequent "down-time." We would like to remind you that when the Library's online catalog is not available through the network, it can still be accessed on USCAN. All of the School of Medicine Library's serial and monographic holdings have been loaded into USCAN. Access to USCAN is available from the computer terminal located in the center of the library lobby. Simply select "SC Medical Libraries" from the USCAN welcome screen.

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Library Training Classes

P-MAIL for Windows Training
GroupWise Training
If you are interested in attending a class, call Sarah Gable (733-3344) or Lisa Antley-Hearn (733-3174) to reserve a place in the classes. All classes are held in the classroom in the Computer Resources Center, lower level of the Medical Library Building (building 101).

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