Interlibrary Loan
(Unaffiliated Users)

Requesting Journal Articles from the USC School of Medicine Library
(for Unaffiliated Health Care Practitioners, Individuals, or Organizations in S.C.)

In order to request journal articles from the USC School of Medicine Library, unaffiliated users must use Loansome Doc, the National Library of Medicine’s system for connecting individuals with health science libraries.


Register in Loansome Doc (NOTE: this need only be done once)

  1. Go to Loansome Doc. (
  2. Select the Sign Up! link
  3. Read through the registration steps and then click Get Started.
  4. Follow the remaining steps for registration, using the following selections:
    • University of South Carolina (as the provider library)
    • Email or call the Library’s Interlibrary Loan Department at 803-216-3212 to request the Loansome Doc Authorization Code.
    • Delivery method:  E-Mail (PDF). Please ensure your email address is accurate.
  5. Verify your information and click Complete Registration.


If PMID (PubMed ID) is available:

  1. Go to PubMed (
  2. Enter PMID in the search box at the top and click “Search”
  3. When the article citation appears on the screen, click “Send To” (top right) and select “Clipboard.”
  4. Click “Add to Clipboard.” 
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you are ready to order your articles.
  6. Click on the link beside “Clipboard” in the upper right of your screen (you will see the number of items you’ve saved to the clipboard)
  7. Select each article that you would like to order (place a check in the box by each citation)
  8. Click “Send to: Order” (upper right of the screen)
  9. Click “Order Articles”
  10. Log into LoansomeDoc with your email address and password
  11. Click “Proceed to Delivery Options”
  12. Make any necessary notations and click “Continue.”
  13. Click "Send Order."
  14. You will receive a verification of your request.

 If PMID is not available:

  • If you have an article citation but no PMID, use “Single Citation Matcher” to pull the citation up in PubMed. 
  • Go to PubMed (
  • Click “Single Citation Matcher” and enter as much information as possible.
  • Click “Search”
  • Once the citation appears on your screen, follow steps 3-14, above.

 Ordering articles after performing a PubMed search:

  • Run your search in PubMed
  • As you look through each citation, send desired articles to the clipboard and then order them through Loansome Doc.  Click “Send to: Clipboard”, then “Add to Clipboard.”
  • Once you are done looking through the citations, follow steps 6-14, above.


If you have questions about this process, please contact Laura Kane at or 803-216-3205.