Fire Alarm Procedures

During an Actual Fire

1. Use the nearest Pull-Down Alarm to notify the Fire Department.

2. If the fire is large or uncontrollable, leave the Library immediately via the closest (and safest) exit.

3. From a safe area, call 9-1-1 and give emergency personnel all necessary information:

  • Location of fire (building, room, etc.)
  • Telephone number from which you are calling
  • Any other pertinent information
  • Stay near the telephone (if it's in a safe area) in case additional information is needed

Fire Drills

If you do not see/smell smoke or see a fire, follow these procedures. DO NOT call Facilities Management to check if this is a drill!

1. Evacuate the building, closing doors behind you.

2. Alert anyone else by knocking on doors as you depart, but do not delay your exit. Do NOT use the elevators.

3. Go to your designated area. If not known, go at least 100 feet from building.

4. Wait for authorities to arrive and provide them with any information they need or request.

Weekday Staff

Fire Monitor: Laura Kane (clears 2nd floor)
Co-Monitor: Marge Terracio (clears 1st floor)

NOTE: Kim Gore and Duna Miller (Curricular Affairs) are responsible for clearing out the 3rd floor study carrel area.

Monitor and Co-Monitor will make sure restrooms, study rooms, and other enclosed rooms are checked on the 1st and 2nd floors. Students and other library patrons will be asked to leave the library immediately.

Designated Exit: All faculty and staff must exit through the rear "delivery area" otherwise known as Marge and Kathryn’s office. Follow the above directions, then gather in the rear of library, at least 100 feet from the building. Fire Monitor will take a roll call and will later give this log to Custodial & Safety Services.

Returning to the Building: The Fire Department or designated School of Medicine personnel will call an "all clear" to return to the building.

August 31, 2005