Supported Community Living Pilot Project

The Supported Community Living Initiative Project aids the community, through local coalitions, in identifying and addressing locally relevant issues.

  • Activities build the community's assets while at the same time enhancing inclusion of individuals with disabilities.
  • Technical assistance focuses on teaming skills and coalition activities; community development needs assessments and planning and cultural awareness (including people with disabilities).

The Supported Housing Initiative was created to address the lack of a systematic and comprehensive technical assistance approach that will guide individuals with developmental disabilities and their circles of support in assuming the leadership and self-determination abilities necessary to plan and pursue consumer choice in community outcomes. The project addresses this problem by implementing a comprehensive and systematic technical assistance model with participants and their circles and by exploring activities, characteristics, accomplishments, and barriers of these participants and their circles.

This project serves to assist people with developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries in exploring "non-traditional" housing opportunities, such as home ownership, in order to improve their quality of life and expand their resources.

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Program Director:

Kristi Hartwell
(803) 935-5947

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