Statewide System Change in Positive Behavior Support

Positive Behavior Courses for 2016-2017
Center for Disability Resources and SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs

This year we continue to introduce the 3rd Edition of the Carolina Curriculum on Positive Behavior Support(will also be known as the AAIDD PBS Training Curriculum, 3rd Edition), first introduced during the 2015-2016 year.  Since this curriculum has content which has been updated since the 2nd Edition, the trainings this year have changed.  The Curriculum has been presents new PBS content developed in recent years for understanding, preventing, and treating challenging behavior, efficiently teaching meaningful consumer skills, and supporting people with disabilities in integrated community settings.
Please choose the right training for you and your staff carefully.

2-Day Course  
This course focuses on the new material and is appropriate for any supervisor     who has previously taken the 4-5 day supervisor course with the 2nd edition of the PBS Curriculum. (Superviors are staff who directly supervise direct support professionals). 

    This course is required for current PBS trainers to become approved  
trainers of the 3rd Edition of the curriculum (and to receive a copy of the
new curriculum for their provider agency use).  Current trainers must be
currently/recently training direct support staff at their agency or have
completed the trainer course within the past year.

4-Day Course  
    This course is for any provider agency staff who directly supervise direct
support professionals to learn positive behavior support skills.  Those who         
successfully complete this course are eligible to take the trainer course.              

Trainer Course
Requires prior completion of either 2-day course (for those who took 4 day   
course in the past year) or 4-day course this year.
Provides opportunity to become an approved trainer of PBS curriculum for
local agency direct support professionals (and to receive a copy of the
new curriculum for their provider agency use).


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