Statewide System Change in Positive Behavior Support

This project represents an extensive collaboration between the Center for Disability Resources and the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (SCDDSN). This effort, perhaps unique nationally, has used training, technical assistance, changes to SCDDSN’s Medicaid ID/RD Waiver, and quality assurance to change the way in which positive behavioral supports are provided to consumers of SCDDSN’s supports and services. Aside from the benefits to persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities who receive these supports, the project has produced a nationally and commercially distributed training curriculum and peer-reviewed articles that can enable other service providers to benefit from the work conducted in this project.

Implement collaborative effort to provide for effective positive behavior supports for persons served by the South Carolina adult ID/DD system (Department of Disabilities and Special Needs) by: a) providing training for community program staff and developers of support plans; b) increasing capacity and availability of providers; and c) implementing quality assurance activities for the ID/RD Medicaid Waiver service of behavior support.





CDR Staff

Executive Director:


David A. Rotholz, Ph.D.



(803) 935-7819

Project Consultants:



Project Assistant


R.M. “Duke” Schell, Ph.D.

Martin Ivancic, Ph.D.


Leah Cordoni


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