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Be head smart (video): It's time to start. Development Communication Group of Veda, Inc. National Head Injury Foundation, 1994. (18 min.) Call number: Disabilities-AV WE 706 B365 1994

- Discusses the role of helmets in prevention of head injuries.

Brain injury: A guide for educators. Edited by Marilyn Lash. Brain Injury Association of New Jersey, Inc., 2001. Call number: Disabilities-PROF WL 354 B8141 2001

Brain injury and returning to employment: A guide for practitioners. James Japp. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2005. Call number: Disabilities-PROF WL 354 J35b 2005.

Brain injury: A guide for families about school. Edited by Marilyn Lash. Brain Injury Association of New Jersey, Inc., 2001. Call number: Disabilities-FAM WL 354 B814 2001

Brain injury awareness month 2001: Awareness kit. Columbia, SC. 2001. (27 pages. + 8 pamphlets, 1 brochure) Call number: Disabilities-PROF WL 354 B8141 2001
- This kit contains "The Road to Rehabilitation", an 8-part pamphlet series dealing with brain injury.

Brain injury and the family: A life and living perspective.Arthur Dell Orto, Paul Power. 2nd ed. Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2000. Call number: Disabilities-FAM WL 354 D357b 2000
- This book describes how to cope with a brain injury in the family and how to be a part of the treatment and adjustment process. Includes personal narratives from individuals that have experienced a brain injury and their families.

Children with traumatic brain injury: A parent's guide. Lisa Schoenbrodt. Woodbine House, 2001. Call number: Disabilitites-FAM WS 340 C5365 2001
- Comprehensive guide for families and professionals that provides an overview of children with traumatic brain injury. Easy-to-comprehend terminology.

Cognitive rehabilitation for persons with traumatic brain injury: A functional approach. Edited by Jeffrey Kreutzer and Paul Wehman. Baltimore: P.H. Brookes, 1991. Call number: Disabilities-PROF WL 354 C6755 1991
- This book for rehabilitation practitioners combines research findings and clinical experience to describe working with individuals with traumatic brain injuries.

The complete bedside companion: No-nonsense advice on caring for the seriously ill. Rodger McFarlane, Philip Bashe.New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, 1998. Call number: Disabilitites-FAM WY 200 M478c 1998
- Directed towards caregivers, this book provides general information about working with the hospital and the medical team and learning essential nursing skills. There is a small section specifically for brain injury.

Cracked: Recovering after traumatic brain injury. Lynsey Calderwood. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2002.Call number: Disabilities-FAM WL 354 C146c 2003
- Calderwood recounts her recovery from a traumatic brain injury at age 14 that left her physically unmarked but destroyed her memory.

Guide to state government brain injury: Policies, funding and services. Susan Connors, Anne King, and Susan Vaughn. National Association of State Head Injury Administrators, 2003. Call number: Disabilitites-PROF WA 33 AA1 C752g 2003

Head injury: A family guide. Columbia, SC: SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, Head Injury Division, 1994. Call number: Disabilitites-FAM WL 354 H432 1994
- This booklet describes head injury, the rehabilitation process, and interacting with family and friends.

Head injury/The facts: A guide for families and care-givers. Dorothy Gronwall, Philip Wrightson, and Peter Waddel.Oxford University Press, 1998. Call number: Disabilitites-FAM WL 354 G876h 1998
- Provides information on topics such as the needs of particular groups, back to work and study, and long-term adjustment.

The journey back (video). Northbrook, IL: Film Ideas, Inc., 1992. (21 min.) Call number: Disabilities-AV WB 320 J86 1992
- A close look at the lifelong ramifications of sustaining a serious head injury. The far-reaching implications extend beyond the victim of the injury into the family and caretakers.

Journey from Flanders (video). Lukeman-Blocker, Inc.Galveston, Tex.1988. (38 min.) Call number: Disabilities-AV WL 354 J86 1988
- Follows four survivors of brain injury five years after they were first profiled in the film "Broken Rhymes."

Living with brain injury: A guide for families. Richard Senelick & Karla Dougherty. Birmingham, Ala.: HealthSouth, 2001. Call number: Disabilitites-FAM WL 354 S475L 2001
- This family guide includes detailed information on brain injury and rehabilitation, as well as tips on picking a rehabilitation hospital.

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear: Inside brain injury. Sol Mogerman. New York, NY: People with Disabilities Press, 2001.Call number: Disabilitites-FAM WL 354 M696o 2001
- In the first section of the book, Mogerman discusses his brain injury and how it affected his life. During the second portion of the book, Mogerman provides information on coping gained from his experience as a counselor specializing in brain injury.

Pediatric traumatic brain injury: Proactive intervention. Jean L. Blosser, Roberta DePompei. 2nd ed. Australia; Clifton Park, N.Y.: Delmar/Thomson Learning, 2003. Call number: Disabilities-PROF WS 340 B656p 2003

The special education treatment planner. Julie A. Winkelstern. New York: J. Wiley & Sons, 2001. Call number: Disabilities-TRANSITION LC 4031 W774s 2001
- The special education treatment planner includes treatment plan components for 29 educational disabilities and a step-by-step guide to writing educational treatment plans.

Therapeutic education for the child with traumatic brain injury: From coma to kindergarten. Dorothy McKerns and Leslie McKerns Motchkavitz. Tucson, Ariz.: Therapy Skill Builders, 1993. Call number: Disabilities-PROF RJ 496 .B7 M157t 1993.

Traumatic brain injury in children and adolescents: Assessment and intervention. Margaret Semrud-Clikeman. New York: Guilford Press, 2001.Call number: Disabilities-PROF WS 340 S473t 2001
- Semrud-Clikeman discusses educational issues and interventions related to brain injury.

Traumatic brain injury in children and adolescents: A sourcebook for teachers and other school personnel.Janet Siantz Tyler and Mary Mira. 2nd ed. Austin, Tex.: Pro-ed, 1999. Call number: Disabilities-PROF WL 354 T982t 1999
- Geared toward school professionals, this book covers topics such as assessment of students with traumatic brain injury, programming, planning for transitions, planning for school reentry, and psychosocial effects of traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic brain injury and vocational rehabilitation. Edited by David Corthell. Menomonie, WI: Research and Training Center, Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute, 1990.Call number: Disabilities-PROF WB 320 T777 1990

Traumatic brain injury: Rehabilitative treatment and case management . Edited by Mark J. Ashley. Publisher Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2004. Call number: Disabilities-PROF WL 354 T77795 2004.
- Provides a concise source of information on the longer-term issues faced by people with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and their caregivers.

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