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- One unit of technical assistance credit can be accrued by watching a video (limit two per quarter). Send a Prior Authorization Request before viewing and a Summary of Activity after viewing to Sue Slater.

Facilitating the Next Plan: Part 1 (filmed October 28, 1999)

-What should be included in the information the facilitator receives and how to incorporate previous information into the next planning process.

Strategies to Facilitate the Next Plan: Part 2 (filmed November 30, 1999)
-Continued discussion on incorporating information from the previous plan into the next planning process.

Facilitating and IFSP (filmed January 18, 2000)
-Strategies to work with the Early Interventionist in developing the Individual Family Support Plan using Person Centered Planning tools.

Staying True to the PCP Process (filmed March 16, 2000)
-Ways to keep focused on the individualís wants, needs and desires while working within DDSN/Agency parameters.

Applying PCP Practices to Facilitate an IEP (filmed July 25, 2000)
-Lessons learned from the Family Support Grant Pilot project with S.C. Richland School District 1 combining the Individual Education Plan and Person Centered Plan meetings to develop the IEP.

Staying True to PCP When Writing up the Plan of Support: Part 1 (filmed September 26, 2000)
-How to keep information gathered at the Person Centered Planning meeting congruent with the individualís desires and agency needs and expectations.

Staying True to Person-Centered Planning When Writing Up the Plan of Support: Part 2 (filmed April 24, 2001)
-Review of the Plan of Support document and revisions in facilitatorís role in the plan write-up to stay centered on the focus personís wishes. Janet Brock, Director of Adult Services, will present revisions to writing up the Plan of Support.

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