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Audiovisual Resources


Anna: A daughter's life. William Loizeaux. New York: Arcade Pub. 1993. Call Number: Disabilities-FAM RJ 255 .L65 L835 1993

- A father's journal about his daughter Anna, who had VATER syndrome. Loizeaux describes how he and his wife coped with the death of his infant daughter despite multiple operations.

Another look at the rainbow: Straight from the siblings. Stephen Bird. Millbrae, Calif.: Celestial Arts, c1982. Call Number: Disabilities-FAM WS 105.5 .F2 A615 1982
- A group of thirty-four children share their experiences with terminally ill brothers and sisters.

After the death of a child: Living with loss through the years. Ann K. Finkbeiner. Johns Hopkins paperbacks ed. Baltimore, Md.: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1998. Call Number: Disabilities-FAM BF 575 .G7 F499a 1998

The bereaved parents' survival guide. Juliet Cassuto Rothman. New York: Continuum, 1997. Call Number: Disabilities-FAM BF 575 .G7 R846b 1997

Getting near to baby. Couloumbis. New York: Puffin Books, 2001. Call Number: Disabilities-FAM BF 575 .G7 C719g 2001
- Although thirteen-year-old Willa Jo and her Aunt Patty seem to be constantly at odds, staying with her and Uncle Hob helps Willa Jo and her younger sister come to terms with the death of their family's baby.

Guidebook on helping persons with mental retardation mourn. Jeffrey Kauffman. Amityville, N.Y. : Baywood Pub. Co., c2005. Call Number: Disabilities-PROF WM 307 K21g 2005

Grief dancers: A journey into the depths of the soul. Susan Zimmermann. Golden, Colo.: Nemo Press, c1996. Call Number: Disabilities-FAM HQ 759.913 Z76g 1996
- A mother's story of her relationship with her daughter with Rett Syndrome.

The healing journey through grief: Your journal for reflection and recovery. Phil Rich. New York: J. Wiley & Sons, c1999. Call Number: Disabilities-FAM BF 575 .G7 R499h 1999
- Written by a professional counselor, this book is primarily for those experiencing grief resulting from the death of someone meaningful in their lives. As well as providing information about the grieving process, this book acts as a workbook to help one use the healing power of writing to sort out one’s feelings.

Holding on to hope: A pathway through suffering to the heart of God. Nancy Guthrie. Wheaton, Ill.: Tyndale House, c2002. Call Number: Disabilities-FAM BV 4909 G984h 2002
- A mother relates her family's experiences of having a child with Zellweger Syndrome to the biblical story of Job.

In the shadow of illness: Parents and siblings of the chronically ill child. Myra Bluebond-Langner. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2000. Call Number: Disabilities-FAM WI 820 B658i 2000
- This book examines the effect that Cystic Fibrosis has on the family of an affected child. It pays special attention to the impact of CF on healthy siblings and includes strategies for meeting the needs of these children. It details the experiences of nine families, providing an idea of what life is like at different stages of the disease.

Journey through grief. Elizabeth Brooks Farnsworth. Atlanta, Ga.: Susan Hunter, c1988. Call Number: Disabilities-FAM WS 107 F235j 1988
- A moving account of a couple whose second child, born with Down Syndrome complicated by heart disease, died at seven months old. It is meant to show others in grief that there are ways to make it bearable and eventually grow through the pain.

Lessons in grief & death: Supporting people with developmental disabilities in the healing process. Linda Van Dyke. Homewood, IL: High Tide Press, c2003. Call Number: Disabilities-PROF BF 575 .G7 V248L 2003
- This book provides suggestions for supporting a person with developmental disabilities who is dealing with grief and loss. The author describes many activities, including art, music, drama, and talking, that can be used in helping a person throughout the grief process.

My grandpa died today. Joan Fassler. New York: Human Sciences Press, c1983. Call Number: Disabilities-FAM PR 990 F249m 1983
- A young boy tries to understand and accept the death of his grandfather.Ages 5-8.

Talking about death: A dialogue between parent and child. Earl A. Grollman. Boston: Beacon Press, c1990. Call Number: Disabilities-FAM WS 105.5.A8 G875t 1990

Audiovisual Resources

Assisting parents through the mourning process (video). Hope, Inc.(22 min.) Call Number: Disabilities-AV BF 575 .G7 A848 1980
- Shows healthcare professionals how to deal with parents going through the mourning process when they find out their child has a hearing loss.

Kids to kids: When someone special dies (video). Calvary Hospital, Kipany Productions, Ltd. Sherborn, MA: Aquarius Health Care Videos, 1999.(12 min.) Call Number: Disabilities-AV WS 105.5 .E5 K46 1999
- Hear from young kids who have lost a very special loved one. This video, with a broad multicultural appeal, helps children realize that they are not alone in their feelings of isolation, sadness, and anger.

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