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Babies with Down Syndrome: A new parents' guide. Edited by Karen Stray-Gundersen. Woodbine House, 1998. Call number: Disabilities-FAM WS 107 B114 1998

Providing support, realizing dreams: Connecticut Birth to Three System (video). Geomatrix Productions.Connecticut Birth to Three System, 1999. (13 min.) Call number: Disabilities-AV HV 697 P969 1999
-Program presented twice, once in English and once in Spanish, each 13 minutes duration. Describes the Birth to Three System, a service provided by the State of Connecticut for families with special needs children.

When your child is missing: A family survival guide. Washington, DC: Oficina de Justicia Juvenil y Prevencíon de la Delincuencia, 1998. Call number: Disabilitites-FAM HV 6762 .U5 W567c 1998

The next step: Transition to school services (video). Connecticut Birth to Three System, 1999.(14 min.) Call number: Disabilities-AV LC 4001 N567 1999
-Program presented twice, once in English and once in Spanish, each 14 minutes duration.

Is my baby ok? (video). Peter A. Gorski. Chicago, Ill: Pathways Awareness Foundation, 1993. Call number: Disabilities-AV WS 340 I73 1992
-Stresses early diagnosis of movement problems for the effective management of children with delayed development.

Negotiating the Special Education Maze. Winifred Anderson, Stephen Chitwood, and Deidre Hayden. Woodbine House, 1999. Call number: Disabilities-FAM LC 4031 A552n 1999

Hyperactive, Impulsive, Distracted - Do You Know Me? José J. Bauermeister. New York: Guilford Press, 2002. Call number: Disabilities-FAM WS 350.6 .A8 B344h 2002
-An ADHD guide for parents.

Jimmy and his family. Mary Tasker. Translation, The National Council of La Raza, AIDS Center. Bethesda, MD: Association for the Care of Children's Health, 1992. Call number: Disabilitites-FAM PR 990 T198j 1992
-Children's book. Jimmy discuses what it is like to have AIDS.

Children with autism. Michael Powers. Woodbine House, 1999. Call number: Disabilitites-FAM WM 203.5 N716 1999
-A guide for parents of children with autism.

Our own road (video). Sherborn, MA: Aquarius Health Care Videos, 2000. English and Spanish subtitles. (28 min.) Call number: Disabilities-AV HV 1568 O93 2000.
-Filmed in Mexico, this video portrays the importance of community-based rehabilitation. Shows the individuals with disabilities helping other people who are disabled and portrays the sense of pride they get from helping others.

Pediatric massage for the child with special needs (video). Tucson, Ariz.: Therapy Skill Builders, 1993. (117 min.) Call number: Disabilities-AV WS 113 D7750p 1993
-English version (58 min.) followed by version with Spanish narration (58 min.).

QuickNotes: English and Spanish. Pat Wesley, Brenda Dennis, & Sabrina Tyndall. Chapel Hill, NC: Kaplan Press, 1999. Call number: Disabilities-PROF WS 105 W514q 1999
-QuickNotes is a series of 10 binders; each volume is written in both English & Spanish.
Vol. 1: Typical Child Development
Vol. 2: Developmental Disabilities
Vol. 3: Setting Up the Early Childhood Environment
Vol. 4: Early Childhood Curriculum
Vol. 5: What Is Early Childhood Inclusion?
Vol. 6: Including Children With Special Needs
Vol. 7: Health & Safety
Vol. 8: Promoting Appropriate Behavior
Vol. 9: Families
Vol. 10: Early Childhood Resources: Services Agencies, Printed Materials, and Videos (English Only)

A Parent's guide to Down Syndrome: Toward a brighter future. Siegfried M. Pueschel. Barcelona: Salvat Editores, 1991. Call number: Disabilities-FAM WS 107 P977s 1991

Down Syndrome and Education. Jesús Flórez, Maria Victoria Troncoso. Barcelona: Ediciones Científicas y Técnicas, 1991. Call number: Disabilities-PROF WS 107 F634s 1991

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