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Activities with Developmentally Disabled Elderly and Older Adults. Keller, Jean M. Binghampton, N.Y.: The Haworth Press, Inc., 1991. Call Number: Disabilities-PROF WM 308 A188 1991

Aging and Cerebral Palsy: Pathways to successful aging: a national action plan: a report of the workgroup on Aging and Cerebral Palsy. Overeynder, Jenny and Matthew Janicki and Margaret A. Turk, ed. Albany, NY: 1994. Call Number: Disabilities-PROF WS 342 A267 1994

Aging and Disabilities: Seeking common ground. Ansello, Edward F. and Nancy N. Eustis, ed. Amityville, N.Y.: Baywood Publishing Co., 1992. Call Number: Disabilities-PROF WT 30 A2662d 1992

Aging with a disability: What the clinician needs to know. Bryan J. Kemp and Laura Mosqueda, editors. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004. Call Number: Disabilities-PROF WB 320 A2679 2004

Barrier Free Environments for People Who are Aging (video). 13 minutes.Presented by Oneida County Aging & Disabled and MRDD Coalition. Chicago, IL: Terra Nova Films,1994. Call Number: Disabilities-AV WT 100 B275 1994

-Explores solutions to the problems experienced by older adults with physical disabilities.

Building the Future: Planning and community developmental disabilities: a practical guide to achieving community success. Janicki, Matthew. Albany, NY: New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, 1991. Call Number: Disabilities-TRAN (&PROF) WT 29 AN6 B932 1991

Directory of Housing for Seniors in South Carolina. Joint Legislative Committee on Aging. Columbia, S.C.: 1994. Call Number: Disabilities-PROF WT 27 As6 D598 1994

Expanding Options for Older Adults with Developmental Disabilities: A practical guide to achieving community access. Stroud, Marilyn. Baltimore, MD: P.H. Brooks Publishing Co., 1988. Call Number: Disabilities-HV 3006 .A4 S925e 1988

I'm Worried About the Future: The aging of adults with Cerebral Palsy.Overeynder, Jenny et al. Albany, NY: New York Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, 1992. Call Number: Disabilties-PROF WS 342 N532i 1992

Intellectual disabilities at your fingertips : A health care resource. Tyler, Carl V. New Lenox, Ill. : High Tide Press, 2009. Call Number: Disabilties-FAM WM 140 T981i 2009.

"I've Seen It All": Lives of older persons with mental retardation in the community. Baltimore, M.D.: P.H. Brooks Publishing, 1991. Call Number: Disabilities-PROF WM 302 I94 1991

Life Course Perspectives on Adulthood and Old Age. Seltzer, Marsha M. and Marty Windgaarden Krauss, Matthew P. Janicki. Washington, D.C.: American Association on Mental Retardation, 1994. Call Number: Disabilities-TRAN HV 3009.5 .A35 L722 1994

Living Well in Your Senior Years. Stamants Communications, Inc., 1984. Call Number: Disabilities-FAM WT 145 L785 1984

The Main Street Messenger (video): Peace of Mind. 15 minutes. Ontario, Canada: Elcombe Systems, Inc., 1993. Call Number: Disabilities-AV WT 30 M224 1993.
- Describes the safety issues and risks associated with older persons living alone. Describes the Main Street Messenger, a computerized personal response system resembling a telephone.

Make the Right Move (video): The apartment rental game.Cambridge Career Products. Charleston, W.V.: 1988. Call Number: Disabilities-AV HD 1379 M235

Moving On Without Parents: Planning, transitions, and sources of support for middle-aged and older adults with intellectual disability.Bigby, Christine. Baltimore, MD: 2000. Call Number: Disabilities-PROF HV 3009.5 .A35 B592m 2000

Older Adulthood: Learning activities for understanding aging.Fried, Stephen. Baltimore, MD: Health Professions Press, 1993. Call Number: Disabilities-PROF WT 18 F899o 1993

Older Adults with Developmental Disabilities: Optimizing Choice and Change. Sutton, Evelyn, ed. Baltmore, MD: Brooks Publishing Co., 1993. Call Number: Disabilities-TRAN WS 350.6 044 1993

Partners: Building Inter-System Cooperation in Aging with Developmental Disabilities. Ansello PhD, Edward F. Richmond, VA: Virginia Center on Aging, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1997. Call Number: Disabilities-PROF HV 3009.5 A35 A618p 1997

Planning for Life After School: A handbook of information and resources for families and young adults with disabilities. Lexington, KY: University of Kentucky: 1994. Call Number: Disabilities-TRAN LC 4019.7 P712 1994.

The Sixth Sense (video). 27 minutes. The National Council on Aging, 1985. Call Number: Disabilities-AV WT 104 S625 1985
- A training program about the sensory changes of the elderly that explodes myths and gives practical solutions for adjusting environments. Defines the sixth sense as the ability to accept or perceive sensory change.

When I'm Sixty Four (video). 30 minutes. Young Adult Institute, 1985. Call Number: Disabilities-AV WT 100 W567 1985
- A model for geriatric developmentally disabled individuals focusing on health and leisure instead of work production.

When People with Developmental Disabilities Age (video). 18 minutes. Brookdale Center on Aging of Hunter College; Marilyn Howard, Project Director. New York, NY: Developmental Disabilities Council,1990. Call Number: Disabilities-AV W 84.1 W567 1990

The Wit to Win: How to integrate older persons with developmental disabilities into community aging programs. Lenore, Philip. Albany, NY: 1991. Call Number: Disabilities-PROF WT 145 L598w 1991.

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